Mythic Rhythmic Featured Artists

July 2024 - Issue No. 21


Terabyte is a music producer, singer, songwriter and artist born and raised in rural Northwestern Montana, now based in Los Angeles, CA.

Chloe Tang

Chloe Tang is a Chinese American Artist who has been writing and performing music in Los Angeles as an indie cross genre Artist.

kittens lol

Hailing from San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, kittens lol is a vibrant Pop duo with notes of Hyperpop and video game soundtracks.


Bringshasa is a singer, producer, lyricist, and Artist from Italy fusing elements of Cybergoth, Urbannefilim, and the Alt scene.


Lassai is a singer, songwriter, and actor born and raised in Chicago, IL. Their music is influenced by Frank Ocean, Kelela, and Dawn Richard.

Mia Loops

Mia Loops is a composer, visual artist, musical producer, and sound engineering student based in Santiago de Chile.

Holy Basil

Australian Artist Holy Basil merges elements of Electronica, Ethereal, and the dramatic essence of Musical Theatre into Theatronic.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones (AKA LAWDVIOLA) is a Brooklyn born Artist with Jamaican roots fusing R&B, Soul, and experimental electronic music in his work.

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