Mythic Rhythmic Featured Artists

April 2024 - Issue No. 20


Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Def-i represents the Diné Nation as one of the Southwest’s most active and prominent touring artists.


Lotti is a Filipina music artist who creates modern yet timeless music influenced by Pop, R&B, and Soul.


DOLORES is unwavering in his commitment to pursuing a career in music, propelled by an intense passion and dedication stemming from overcoming OCD, anxiety and depression.

Yung Kephas

Yung Kephas is an Artist in every sense. Drawing since before he could read, Kephas became attached to music forever after a felony arrest at 12 years old.

B-Girl Ale

B-Girl Ale is an award winning dancer and b-girl. Ale is also the co-founder of Santa Fe Breakin’ Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


K4OS is a Hip Hop Producer and Artist from Tsaile, AZ, a small town on the Navajo reservation.

J. Vybe

J. Vybe is an independent, lyric driven, conscious style Hip Hop artist from Northshore, Massachusetts.

Shuga Shane

New-Mexico based Artist “Shuga Shane” is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, and Founder of Breakin’ Hearts New Mexico.


Rochelle is an Artist using multiple mediums including dance, poetry, and more to live a life full of creativity and authentic expression.

Satori Rewire

Satori Rewire is a Hip Hop Artist and Producer dropping beats from his music studio in a garden shed in England, UK.

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