Mythic Rhythmic Featured Artists

February 2023 - Issue No. 14

Maestro Eternal

Devon Scarlatti is a Composer, Audio Engineer, and the solo Artist behind the Cinematic Synthwave band Maestro Eternal.

Sunglasses Kid

Sunglasses Kid is an independent electronic producer based in London, UK, who has been making ’80s inspired Synthwave and more since 2013.

Smitech Wesson

Smitech Wesson is a DJ and Music Producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. His Synthwave inspired album “Azra & Leyla” has a vibe of its own.


Funkwelle is a fun loving electro duo from Ulm, Germany, with a Funky Nu Disco vibe and a passion for analog synths.

Aisle 9

Tim Benson is an Audio Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and the magic behind the synth driven music project, Aisle 9.

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