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4ra 4ra / Photo by Adéla Zlámalová / Copyright © 2023

4ra 4ra

Artist Bio

△☰△² The music multiverse created by 4ra 4ra, draws inspiration from games, anime, and cyber culture. Industrial-sounding basses simulate a futuristic atmosphere, while fine vocals provide a contrast to the hard synthesizers, creating a sense of madness. Skip the story mode and head straight to the final boss fight.

4ra 4ra—originally a digital artist and painter—evolved from the art scene before transitioning to music. This background is reflected in her work which emphasizes an audiovisual experience and shows that she isn’t afraid to experiment with intricate sound design and off-tone siren lofi vocals. She produces all her music and creates visuals like gaming-style avatars which accompany her live shows and music videos. Her strong connection to video games is evident, influenced by her experience in the game development industry.

You can now listen to the full interview with 4ra 4ra on Episode 4 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents only on Massive Radio.

“A.I. Dark Love” – 4ra 4ra

World Premiere

Here at Mythic Rhythmic we have had the honor of premiering several new tracks by our guest Artists since the radio show began in September. In Episode 4 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents we bring you a hot new track from 4ra 4ra called “Need for Drift” which premiered globally on Thursday, December 14th.

“Imagine yourself in drifting races on the streets of Tokyo in 2036. Put on the radio in the illegal combustion engine car to listen to this and enjoy the mortal ride of your life.”

4ra 4ra – “u look lonely” / Photo by Adéla Zlámalová / Copyright © 2023
4ra 4ra – “u Glitched” / Photo by Adéla Zlámalová / Copyright © 2023

“u glitched (Official Music Video)” – 4ra 4ra

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Listen to the Full Interview

If you’d like to hear the full interview with 4ra 4ra as well as enjoy hot tracks from this Artist and other Indie Electronic Artists around the world, please tune in to Massive Radio for Episode 3 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents.