90s Maze

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Federico from 90s Maze / Copyright © 2023

90s Maze


Artist Bio

Originally, 90s Maze was an Italian Synthwave/Retrowave duo project from Modena, Italy. Formed in late 2019, they immediately started to produce tracks, mixing a typical ’80s sound with modern electronic design.

90s Maze / Copyright © 2023

After releasing several singles in 2020, 90s Maze won a Special Mention in 2021 in SYNTHWAVE MANIA for the song “Novastar”.

90s Maze / Copyright © 2023

In May 2021 the duo debuted with their First EP Story N’1.

90s Maze / Copyright © 2023

After this release the duo parted ways and Fede—the remaining member of the duo—brings new, darker sounds closer to styles such as Darksynth and Cyberpunk. This change is noticeable in the second EP STORY N’2 released in February 2023.

90s Maze / Copyright © 2023


“I’ve a lot of inspirations between bands, visual artists and producers but for me at the moment the best are: Van Halen, The Stone Roses, Symmetry, Sleep token, Blank Banshee, Essenger, Hundredth, Dav Dralleon, and Glass Void.”

Instrument Set-Up

“I grew up playing the guitar but my true love is bass. I create my tracks using Logic Pro and a Keyboard MPK AKAI Professional. I also have a lot of Boss pedals to create solo lines mixing analog and digital.”


“My personal goal is to raise enough money to build my studio.”

Federico from 90s Maze / Copyright © 2023

Future Releases

“I’m currently working on my third EP and I can’t wait to release it!”

“What role does technology play in your music, and how has it evolved over
your career?”

“Technology is fundamental for the sound research of my songs. Despite being linked to the world of the ’80s, I find it useless to remain anchored to the past.”

“How do you see your music evolving in the future, both creatively and professionally?”

“Personally I think that music evolves together with those who create it as they grow and mature. I can’t tell you exactly who I’ll be tomorrow so I don’t know what I’ll create in the future. I just know that I will continue to play without a doubt.”

“What trends in electronic music do you think will be popular in 2024?”

“It’s hard to say. In my opinion, genres from the early 2000s such as Psytrance and Hard style are making a comeback.”

“What is the most important lesson you have learned in your journey as a music artist?”

“To achieve good things you need perseverance. Don’t try to rush things by spending money without a goal.”

A Message from the Artist

“You can help me by listening to, sharing, and following my IG. I don’t ask for anything else.”

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