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by Acacia Carr / October 1st, 2022
From the Blog / October 2022
T3d Bunny 2022

T3d Bunny

skip the life fandango and get right to the heart of the matter


Artist Bio

T3d Bunny (Ted Bunny), is an artistic entity that emerged in 2020, in the middle of pandemic, under the format of A.R.G. He began his musical epic with the theme “Electro Nana” in 2021, having already released 3 Singles, 2 EPs and an Album of 11 tracks named: “MORE THAN A MACHINE”.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, the artist does not stop at music to express the vision of the world that surrounds him, but uses other media such as Illustration, Video Art, Code, Photo-manipulation…and collaborates anonymously with other artists from various disciplines of creativity.

T3d Bunny (Ted Bunny), é uma entidade artística que surgiu em 2020, em plena pandemia, sob o formato de A.R.G. Iniciou seu épico musical com o tema “Electro Nana” em 2021, tendo já lançado 3 Singles, 2 EPs e um Álbum de 11 faixas chamado: “MORE THAN A MACHINE”.

Com sede em Lisboa, Portugal, o artista não se detém na música para exprimir a visão do mundo que o rodeia, mas recorre a outros meios como a Ilustração, Vídeo Arte, Código, Fotomanipulação… e colabora anonimamente com outros artistas de várias disciplinas de criatividade.


“Sinking” (Official Video, 2022)

Teather’s unique background story only serves to highlight her ethereal presence all the more. Her voice is soft yet strong, energetic yet balanced, measured yet impactful. This is not just your everyday pop artist…this is an Experience. The visual aspect of Teather’s performance is also top notch as seen in her gorgeous studio shots as well as in her music videos.

Her latest video “Sinking” feels like an art school gem of a short film in all the best ways. In this video, Teather is a vision in white on the edge of the sea. Like a siren, she sings sweetly in her ultrasmooth voice from within the deepest echos of time, beckoning us to join her in this ecstatic landscape fit for a dreamer.

Teather is…
sweet yet not saccharin,
bold yet graceful…
electronic in nature
yet full of the promise of the human heart.

In short, Teather is an artist not to be missed and not to forget.

T3d Bunny 2022

What is the inspiration for your music?

“There is a strong component to my work of electronic music and Eurodance, as well as Synthwave, Dark Synth, Electro-punk, Techno, etc … We can say that names like Master Boot Record, Fartbarf, Mr. Oizo, Deadmaus, Aphex Twin, MSTRKRFT, Perturbator, SebAstian, SayMaxWell, Trey Frey, Driver86, and Acacia Carr are names that T3d respects a lot.”

“Há uma forte componente no meu trabalho de música electrónica e Eurodance, assim como Synthwave, Dark Synth, Electro-punk, Techno, etc… Podemos dizer que nomes como Master Boot Record, Fartbarf, Mr. Oizo, Deadmaus, Aphex Twin, MSTRKRFT, Perturbator, SebAstian, SayMaxWell, Trey Frey, Driver86 e Acacia Carr são nomes que o T3d respeita muito.”

What are some of the challenges of this project?

“Because T3d does not show his face, he has all the problems of a marginal and intervening project and is often confused as a bot. Many labels, magazines, radio stations and venues are unwilling to give him space to perform or exposure for this reason.”

What are your future goals with your music?

“One of the project’s goals is for the public to find him and dive down this rabbit hole of code, art, melodies and rhythms, and to decode every piece he makes available to the public on all streaming and social media platforms.”

“Um dos objetivos do projeto é que o público o encontre e mergulhe nessa toca de coelho de código, arte, melodias e ritmos, e decodifique cada peça que ele disponibilizar ao público em todas as plataformas de streaming e mídia social”.

T3d Bunny 2022

What projects are you working on now?

“October 7th will see the release of the new single ‘J.O.T.A. (Just Open The Audio)’ which will be available on all social networks. This single has the collaboration of Luiz Loureiro Ferreira—a 2D artist from Pernambuco, Brazil—who did the artwork for the single’s image after finding the project online and falling in love with the philosophy of creative freedom it tries to convey.”

“The single will also be accompanied by a music video which will be available the same day. Co-produced by the young director Tiago Gameiro, T3d Bunny also had the participation of Austrian Indie Folk artist Verena Bachinger who appears as an actress in the video.”

“No dia 7 de outubro será lançado o novo single ‘J.O.T.A. (Just Open The Audio)’ que estará disponível em todas as redes sociais. Este single tem a colaboração de Luiz Loureiro Ferreira – um artista 2D de Pernambuco, Brasil – que fez a arte da imagem do single depois de encontrar o projeto online e se apaixonar pela filosofia de liberdade criativa que tenta transmitir.”

“O single também será acompanhado por um videoclipe que estará disponível no mesmo dia. Co-produzido pelo jovem realizador Tiago Gameiro, T3d Bunny contou ainda com a participação da artista austríaca Indie Folk Verena Bachinger que aparece como atriz no vídeo.”


A Message from T3d Bunny

“The best way to help T3d Bunny is to listen, follow the project on the networks, and of course share his music. The more bunnies inside the burrow, the more tunnels will open, and the greater the musical flow as well as the collection of new bunnies in this family.”

“A melhor forma de ajudar o T3d Bunny é ouvir, acompanhar o projeto nas redes e, claro, compartilhar suas músicas. Quanto mais coelhinhos dentro da toca, mais túneis se abrirão, e maior será o fluxo musical e a coleta de novos coelhinhos nesta família.”


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