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Artist Bio

Anaritzz is a 29 year old composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. She develops and executes projects for composing soundtracks, sound design, voice-overs, and dubbing. Passionate about technology, Sci-Fi, games, and ’80s synths, she has 10 years of experience as an audio professional. With a background in advertising, she has also taken courses in Film and TV Soundtrack Production, Sound Synthesis, Audio Mixing and Mastering, and is certified by the Game Audio Academy.

Anaritzz has produced bands such as Grooveria, Fernanda Abreu, and Tuto Ferraz Quinteto among others. She was also a part of the Play it Again team, contributing to the development of soundtracks, sound effects, voice-overs, and dubbing for various brands. Currently, she operates independently from her home studio, creating soundtracks and SFX for advertising, film, and games.


“To mention a few names, I would say: Kate Bush, Abba, Björk, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Roxette, Robyn, Iamamiwhoami, Niki and the Dove, Beach House, La Roux, The Knife, Com Truise, Droid Bishop, Tesla Boy, Tycho, Stimming, Polo & Pan, Fishbach, Peggy Gou, Lowis Ofman, L’imperatrice, Khruangbin, Vendredi Sur Mer, Rita Lee, Djavan, Milton Nascimento, Marina Lima, and so on. I listen to A LOT of music.”

Studio Set-Up

“Moog Grandmother, Sequential OB-6, Synthstrom Deluge, Bluebox and Blackbox by 1010music and of course, the Teenage Engineering OP-1.”

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Recent Projects

“I’m now a part of the Stop Play Moon band, I play synths and guitar. We’re gonna play at Lollapalooza Brazil in March.”

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What are your future goals?

“I’m not sure about the future, I try not to make my expectations high. But I’m sure I’ll be making music!”

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Which emerging Artists do you believe will shape the future of electronic music and why?

“Lewis Of Man, so talented. Fishbach, perfect diva with a dark vibe. Iamamiwhoami, always my favorite.”

What is a current electronic song that already sounds like a future classic to you?

“It’s hard to talk about something becoming a classic nowadays as the music consumption has changed so much. But my guess is a Pop Electronic song: Dua Lipa – ‘Physical’.”

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“Music has no limits, it will always evolve. AI will help every artist to combine genres more easily.”

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If you could send one electronic song into the future to represent current electronic music, which song would you choose and why?

“I’d send ‘Fishbach – Presque beau’, my favorite at the moment. ”

What do you think the future of live electronic music will be like?

“Some people will still play instruments, but we can’t deny the evolution of AI, a lot of artists will dive deep into that.”

Anaritzz / Copyright © 2023

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