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Artwork provided by the artist. All rights reserved and copyright of Nyokeë, used by permission. Mythic Rhythmic magazine cover image created by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic, 2022.

Greetings, Earthlings~

We’re back with 4 new Featured Artists to get your Spring started off right! From the Netherlands to the UK to the USA, these artists all have a cool and refreshing vibe to their work as well as some serious talent.

In this issue we’ll introduce you to another world with Chiptune songstress Nyokeë; groove with dynamic electronic powerhouse Captain Ghostnote; glide on the gossamer smooth vocals and retro stylings of emerging singer songwriter Drew Knight; and find inspiration with the lovely singer-songwriter and illustrator Magenta Soulstar.

We hope you enjoy the April issue of Mythic Rhythmic! Please stay tuned for more adventures in sound.


Acacia Carr

Artwork provided by the artists. All rights reserved and copyright of the artists, used by permission. Animation created by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic, 2022.

April 2022

Issue 7

Mythic Rhythmic is a new Blog, music label, and creative studio run by Acacia Carr. This Blog features indie electronic music, venues, and events—highlighting hidden and emerging creative talents from around the world. Please join us in a journey of sonic discovery!

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