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Artist Bio

Attis is a Liberian-American indie electronica artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a singer and songwriter who covers lots of sonic ground in her projects tying together elements from a number of genres like Alt-Rock, Drum and Bass, Synthwave, and Indie Pop. Inspired by pulpy camp movies like “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” and “Tank Girl”, Attis brings a punchy energy to both the recording studio and the stage delivering her trademark twisted sonic ear candy.

Her newest track “PANIC” is a driving indie Synth-Pop track drawing inspiration from Drum and Bass Electronica. The song covers lyrically the disorienting experience of struggling with anxiety and panicked thoughts.

“PANIC” – Attis / Copyright © 2023


“Tons and it’s a little all over the place! Big ones are Sneaker Pimps, Bjork, Superbus, Metric, and Gorillaz.”

Future Projects

“Attis has lots of new music in the pipeline with plans to release throughout 2024. You can expect her next single ‘Deceiver’ this January.”

“Attis performed last month on Hirakish’s Newrockpopadelic tour & plans to continue live performances in the New York Metropolitan area and beyond in the coming year. People can follow Attis on Instagram and TikTok (@a.ttis) to receive updates on when she’ll play next!”

Attis / Copyright © 2023

Which emerging Artists do you believe will shape the future of electronic music and why?

“I think Ky Vöss is a creative force with a lot of depth and creative vision. They have a sound that is so fresh yet nostalgic, sparkly yet solemnly melancholic. It’s familiar but wholly their own, and so vulnerable you feel like you’ve inhabited their very being as you listen. I think artists that can world-build like that through music will be the ones to shape it. I could see much of their music being used in film/show scores and more.”

“The Dare is really, really cool. He’s unequivocally committed to bringing back the bubbly brashness of indie-sleaze and he’s actually achieving it one party banger at a time. Resurrecting an entire lane isn’t easy, it takes dedication and TASTE. His parties are everything I wish I could have been around for when club music included the likes of Uffie, the Ting Tings and Calvin Harris. The man knows how to build a cult following grassroots style. That’s how you move CULTure.”

What is a current electronic song that already sounds like a future classic to you?

“‘Girls’ – The Dare”

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“I think sub-genres are just ever-expanding. I’m thinking now with the introduction of AI technology we’ll see a lot more of that being used in creating music…both ethically and non-ethically. Maybe it’s time to have ‘AI Generated’ as a genre itself.”

Attis / Copyright © 2023

If you could send one electronic song into the future to represent current electronic music, which song would you choose and why?

“One song would be a disservice to the sheer breadth of sounds that exist under the electronic genre label… I couldn’t choose even with a gun to my head. No one song can do that ever. But I really like the sigilcore movement that’s had a HUGE surge through TikTok…maybe I’d send ‘I LOVE YOU HOE’ – Odetari and 9lives”

What are your future goals?

I want to genre hop a lot. Finally get out a lot of songs I’ve been sitting on for years. I want to tour, make music for film scores, animated shows & video games, do installations joining music with fashion and technology, maybe write a comic, who knows. All in all I just want to play and create, simple as that. The freedom to do that is all I need.”

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