Audio Services

Professional audio services
for creative professionals

Mythic Rhythmic is a creative studio offering state of the art audio services to musicians, brands, and the film industry.

Professional audio services include:

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Songwriting
  • Beat Production
  • Sound Design
  • Cinematic Scoring
Acacia Carr

Acacia Carr

Producer | Songwriter | Artist

I specialize in working with New Wave, Trip Hop, and avant-garde indie Electronica artists. My collaborations include projects with artists and producers such as Purple Tokyo, Anna Awe, and Oracle FM. I enjoy creating interesting remixes as well as working with fellow artists to develop a unique and dynamic blend of visual, technical, and audio experience interfaces.

Marc Matthews

Marc Matthews

Producer | Mix Engineer | Mastering Engineer

I will use my expertise and knowledge to turn your synth music mixes and masters into sonically dynamic and professionally presented songs ready for digital release. I provide a friendly and helpful service that will support you to grow, develop, and exceed your expectations. My goal is to be easy to work with, if it is not an enjoyable experience, it’s not worth it!