Bad Bubble

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Bad Bubble


Artist Bio

Rising from the indie music scene, Bad Bubble is captivating fans with his genre-blending fusion of Electronic, Synth-Pop, and New Wave. Channeling ’80s nostalgia, his signature cosmic ambient sound melds Dream Pop and synth elements into a modern, otherworldly experience.

As a passionate and prolific singer-songwriter, Bad Bubble showcases intricate vocal arrangements featuring multiple 4, 5, and 6-part harmonies. His signature videos display his love of art and blend audio and visual prose to deliver a message of integrity and reliability as well as his dynamic brand of storytelling. His versatility ranges from warm harmonies to icy processed vocal stylings, captivating listeners at every turn.

Bad Bubble’s dedication is evident in his ambitious self-released multi-album, multi-EP, and multi-single project, spanning over 160 songs in just a little over two years. This fiercely independent Artist’s meteoric rise and transcendent sound inspire a new generation of musicians and fans alike.

Bad Bubble / Copyright © 2023


“I draw inspiration from indie artists I see who work hard and who don’t stop until they’ve reached whatever goal they’re after. I also feel very good for them when I see them reach it.”

Favorite Instruments/Studio Set-Up

“I do not use software. What you hear I’m from me is on actual synthesizers. My main synth is the Korg Wavestate but I also use the Pro One and MiniBrute. I then record with the TASCAM model 24.”

Bad Bubble / Copyright © 2023


“Mine are the same as any Artist trying to find the audience. I believe there is an audience for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding them.”

“We’ve All Been Drugged”
– A live performance by Bad Bubble


“I’m currently releasing my new album, one song at a time, every two weeks. The last track will be released in November. After that, I will release an EP called ‘Zap the Enemy’ and that will end the year.”

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Upcoming Singles/Projects/Videos

“I had a daughter, Anna. Every song, every EP, and every album, all content is telling her story. I’ve written 160 songs between October 2021 and January 2022. They are all about how she came to be. I’m a little over halfway through.”

“On January 1st I will be releasing my 6th album, WAR. There won’t be as many videos on this album as I’ll be concentrating on movie score and classical compositions at that time.”

A Message from the Artist

“You can support me directly on my website by making a purchase through my Shop.”

Underscore’s Accord by Bad Bubble / Copyright © 2023

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