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Artist Bio

Beny is a Synth-Pop artist and Filmmaker based in LA. He took a leap into music – joining a band as the lead guitarist early on, exploring the metal scene. He took that knowledge and expanded into music production. This allowed him to explore his own abilities as an artist, eventually focusing on Synth-Pop, growing into a vocalist. Influenced by Daft Punk, Kavinsky, and The Weeknd – he attempts to take those nostalgic sounds and remake them for a new generation.

Beny / Copyright © 2023

Which emerging Artists do you believe will shape the future of electronic music and why?

“I’ve noticed that there’s a rise with Artists out there experimenting with fresh electronic sounds and even blending genres. Some Artists doing that really well are: Alesti, Psycho, Rogue VHS. These are just some examples of Artists I think are pushing the boundaries for music.”

What is a current electronic song that already sounds like a future classic to you?

“A song I’ve been really into recently is called ‘Starfields’ by Maximum Love. The way the synths build up with deep ambient tones give me goosebumps every time. I think this might the sound of the near future as many artists are playing with deep synth sounds creating an atmosphere of pure chill and emotion. It’s Inspiring to see other indie artists put together such fresh music.”

Beny / Copyright © 2023

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“One of the things many artists have been trying to handle is the quick evolution of AI in music! It’s gotten to a point where we have AI generated music being made and released. I personally believe that its a powerful tool to help producers be more efficient with mixing and recording but I don’t think it can genuinely create something that’s actually marketable.”

“At the moment it feels like AI music has become its own genre where you have it mimicking known artists. And there definitely is a bit of an audience for it especially on platforms like TikTok. It’s a weird time to exist alongside AI but I do believe that it can be used as a tool to help us create more, not to fully replace the Artist. I do also think tech is evolving in so many ways that it’s inspiring people to really push the boundaries of their art and make it super immersive or fresh and unique. We currently live in a time where things are feeling fresh and all these new genres are emerging with these artists trying out new facets to express their art.”

If you could send one electronic song into the future to represent current electronic music, which song would you choose and why?

“This one is difficult! There are so so, so many incredible songs out there! If I were to really choose, I’d probably pick Nightcall by Kavinsky. His sounds have been so influential to this new generation of artists. I really think he’s inspired so many with his music and it’s gotten to a point where synth, electronic music has become more and more mainstream. A song like Nightcall is a perfect example of what a combination of simple arpeggios, synths, and catchy melody can accomplish for a listener. Hands down one of this generation’s most known and influential songs. I definitely think this can easily be the sound of the future. More like Retro-Futurism! ”

What do you think the future of live electronic music will be like?

“I think its going to be really unique and interesting to witness these acts live. Especially with the technology that’s evolving. Sooner or later we’re going to see augmented reality at live shows. We will bring the digital world into our reality where we can interact with them. I’m friends with some emerging artists that are really pushing the boundaries of combining advanced tech with music and live events. Using software like Unreal Engine I’ve seen artists pull of some incredible fresh art in combination with their music! So honestly the possibilities are absolutely endless as to what we can accomplish for live events that truly immerse an audience.”

Beny / Copyright © 2023

What are your future goals?

“My future goals consist of finding ways where I can combine all my talents for a project. At the moment I have my hand in multiple facets of art ranging from complex visuals & VFX for film all the way to making music and collaborating with other artists. It’s definitely a journey!

I’ve been working on multiple short films where I get to act, sing, do visual FX and make music/sound design. I really want to inspire others to take action for their passions and art. I want to be able to be an example that if you put your mind to it, you can make real change in this world through art. So many people out there are struggling with self doubt. Many are unable to take that action for themselves and I believe that if a regular person like me can make it work.

I think everyone has the potential to accomplish big things in life! I just want to build a community of artists in all areas of art where we can truly support and uplift each other as opposed to always competing and hustling extra hard 100% of the time! There needs to be balance and support. I always try to share my knowledge with people and help them in their art and it makes me happy to see people willing to explore themselves deeply for the sake of making good art! ”

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