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Artist Bio

BitBe is an electronic musician from the EU with a decade of classical piano training. He studied music in South Germany to become a music teacher. During the COVID-19 pandemic, BitBe switched from playing band instruments like drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard to playing Moog semi-modular synthesizers.

“With an electronic orchestra at your finger tips, you have many possibilities to create and express musical ideas directly and unfiltered.”


“I am inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Lisa Bella Donna, Mike Dean, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk, Tame Impala, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, The Weeknd, Stephan Bodzin, and Colin Benders.”

Moon of Endor – Moog Sound Studio 3 & 3 Mother 32s

Instruments and Studio Set-Up

“I currently play Moog synthesizer and drums for this project.”


“I would like to continue educating people about music and introducing live electronic music into the club culture.”


“Missing subculture of live electronic music.”

Voltage Controlled Thoughts – Dark Minimal with Moog Sound Studio 3 & 3 Mother 32s

Upcoming Projects

“I play regular live gigs in Europe as part of a live electronic music collective. I also try to release at least one or two tracks a month on my YouTube channel.”

What role does technology play in your music, and how has it evolved over
your career?

“Technology from my point of view has always defined the boundaries of musical expression and furthermore plays an important role in the evolution of musicianship and the music industry. AI, intelligent mixing, mastering and many other topics will change the music industry forever. I am constantly trying to embrace changes and use them to my liking.”

How do you see your music evolving in the future, both creatively and professionally?

“I approach music as a learner and try to keep a ‘beginners mind’. The more you put out your music, the more you will understand what your art is all about. I think my art will be more defined as my intentions get clearer and I get better at expressing my intentions through music.”

BitBe – Equinoxe, Pt. 1 (Jean-Michel Jarre Cover) on the Moog Sound Studio

What trends in electronic music do you think will be popular in 2024?

“Hip Hop and Rap music are still en vogue and electronic music will continue to grow. We will hear and see more AI than ever. Not only intelligent mixing and mastering tools will be available but also intelligent sampling. Maybe AI will evolve into digital art personas, that write and sing lyrics and perform real concerts on stages. Hologram performances can take you back in time (still waiting to see and hear a Doors concert) and anybody can write, record, and release songs with the smartphone.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your journey as a
music artist?

“Keep an open mind, keep your intentions clear, and have the courage to make music the way you love it.”

A Message from the Artist

“You can help support me by following, liking, and sharing on Instagram. You can also follow me on YouTube for my monthly music releases.”

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