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Artist Bio

BLAZERGRAD describe themselves as two guys making retrofuturisticelectronic sh*t. More than the classic duo making synth-based music, both musicians bring their own unique influences to the project. Mike comes from the Electro-Techno scene bringing the bass-line and kicks while Yann takes his inspiration from the Hard Rock spirit that drives the band in a darker atmosphere. Just as much as they are a part of the Synthwave scene, BLAZERGRAD is a lot more, producing in their own unique style, creating a sonic Universe of their own imagining.

“BLAZERGRAD – Into Raptures (feat Chris KD)”


“It’s always difficult to promote your music, to make it accessible to those who like this style of music.”


“We are influenced by Vangelis and John Carpenter as well by New Wave artists such as Killing Joke and Depeche Mode. We also take inspirations from 90s Rock including Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth.”

Favorite Instruments/Studio Set-Up

“We compose with a lot of VSTs (Diva, Serum, Valhalla etc.) as well as hardware synths such as the Korg Minilogue and ASM Hydrasynth.”


“We would like to play in countries other than France, to meet other people and artists.”

“What role does technology play in your music, and how has it evolved over
your career?”

“We have access to a lot of things that make our lives easier, but the way of composing music hasn’t really changed for us. Write good melodies, create atmospheres.”

BLAZERGRAD / Copyright © 2023

“What trends in electronic music do you think will be popular in 2024?”

“I don’t know enough about past trends so I’ll have a hard time predicting the future. I just hope I can listen to deeply emotional music.”

“BLAZERGRAD – Crash Test Citizens (Live)”

“What is the most important lesson you have learned in your journey as a music artist?”

“We are lucky to be able to express ourselves by making music…you just have to do what you love.”

Upcoming Singles/Projects/Videos

“We are working on a new EP which should be released at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.”

A Message from the Artist

“Please tell your friends about us and come see us live! We would also love to have you join us on social media.”


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