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by Acacia Carr / October 1st, 2022
From the Blog / October 2022
Teather 2022


free your mind with the ever so enchanting Teather


Artist Bio

Teather started making music during the 2020 lockdown, shortly after a survivalist phase in which she trained her lungs with long distance running and studied native plants to prepare for an inevitable escape to the woods. This survivalism was substituted for an equally obsessive period of learning to produce, write, and record. Teather is currently based in Seattle, WA although born and raised in LA. She is an an insular artist – writing, composing, and producing all of her work.


“Sinking” (Official Video, 2022)

Teather’s unique background story only serves to highlight her ethereal presence all the more. Her voice is soft yet strong, energetic yet balanced, measured yet impactful. This is not just your everyday pop artist…this is an Experience. The visual aspect of Teather’s performance is also top notch as seen in her gorgeous studio shots as well as in her music videos.

Her latest video “Sinking” feels like an art school gem of a short film in all the best ways. In this video, Teather is a vision in white on the edge of the sea. Like a siren, she sings sweetly in her ultrasmooth voice from within the deepest echos of time, beckoning us to join her in this ecstatic landscape fit for a dreamer.

Teather is…
sweet yet not saccharin,
bold yet graceful…
electronic in nature
yet full of the promise of the human heart.

In short, Teather is an artist not to be missed and not to forget.

Teather 2022

What is the inspiration for your music?

“My music is really inspired by club genres – I adore dance music and being in the club losing myself in a great techno/house/deconstructed club set is my favorite thing, so I want to bring a bit of that feeling into my music.”

Teather 2022

What projects are you working on now?

“My next upcoming project will be a long EP (I think 7 songs?) which will feature a range of sounds – some pretty synth-pop like “Sinking” but also some darker, more grimey experimental club/electronic tracks. Still working out details for the name of the EP – but the tracks are chosen and I expect it to be out early 2023!”

Tell us a bit about your studio setup.

“For studio setup I work on Logic and actually use majority stock sounds and effects-I think having too many options can sometimes be overstimulating and for me, so limiting my resources a bit helps my creativity.”


A Message from Teather

“The best way to support me is to absorb all the visuals and all of the music that’s coming out this year.”


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