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The future is a dark place

Artist Bio

Bringshasa is a singer, producer, lyricist, and Artist fusing elements of Cybergoth, Urbannefilim, and the alt scene. Shasa started making music at the age of 16 as the alias of VREC, DJing hybrid Electronic, Trap, and Dubstep music at private parties for friends and for a Trap collective.

He was initiated into Rap by his neighbor friend and had fun participating at freestyles at the park of his hometown.

Between 2018-2021 he started producing, singing, and posting on Soundcloud and YouTube with no label under the new alias of BringOxy. Through this project he was mixing Trap with his other favorites music genres such as Nu Metal and some Post/Pop Punk. Soon he started recording some Artists from nearby his hometown with his Mac and a low budget setup without much in the way of results.

At the age of 22, Shasa had an EP ready to release but due to severe depression, personal problems, and hard drug use, he made the sad decision to leave music behind, feeling like he wasn’t strong enough to face his problems, and planned to change his life.

It was during that period that Shasa realized he needed music more then he knew.

In August 2023 he debuted on Spotify as Bringshasa with the single “the lift”. After that he continued putting out music with a dark cyberpunk aesthetic sound and powerful lyrics. This time around he was taking his music career seriously and started receiving very good feedback from the public on his VNFORGIVEN EP which was released in February of 2024. This album has reached 25k streams since its release date. It is a project of hybrid music with a crazy mix of genres and has since collaborated on independent productions together with Chris Keya with a low budget, no sponsor, no promo, and no label.

Bringshasa’s most recent single “lusus naturae” just dropped on June 14th, 2024. This will be followed by several projects for the
summer, together with Italian artists and worldwide Artists.


Bringshasa / Copyright © 2024

Recent/Upcoming ReLEASES

“My latest single ‘LUSUS NATURAE’ just came out on June 14th, 2024 and is now available on all streaming platforms.”


“I don’t have a particular setup…just headphones, Ableton, and a microphone to record demo voices before hitting the studio.”

“THE LIFT [Ep.Version] (Lyric video)” – Bringshasa

What is the inspiration behind your Artist name?

“Contrary to what most people think, Bringshasa is not a reference to one of my favorite bands (BMTH). It comes from my first name as a producer which was Bring0xy. I changed it to Bringshasa because I wanted to bring the real and unfiltered me to my music this time.

“DI(E)MOND (feat. Chris Keya) (Official Video)” – Bringshasa

Can you please walk us through your creative process when making new tracks?

“I usually leave some background video on mute on another screen to enter the kind of imaginary space I’m inside based on the production I’m working on. Then I usually compose a sample with operator or others just to have the idea and then change it with other built sounds and I build the track around that.”

“Often I even record the voice first when I have inspiration and build the track around the vocals.”

Bringshasa / Copyright © 2024
Bringshasa / Copyright © 2024

Is there a particular environment or setting that inspires your best work for music creation?

Just a studio and neon lights…I need them.

What inspires your music?

“Pop culture, books, Anime, Manga, TV series, movies and other Artists’ music.”

“I have a kink for dystopian future themes.”

Bringshasa / Copyright © 2024

How has your personal sound and style evolved over the years?

“I have always been an Artist with a hybrid focus, trying to mix the genres I love. Over time, my style has evolved and is getting better but I’m still experimenting the best way to realize what I have in mind.”

“VNFORGIVEN (Official Video)” – Bringshasa, Chris Keya

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

Revenge, strength, to not give up. Even sadness and loneliness sometimes are necessary to feel.”

Bringshasa / Copyright © 2024

Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or experiments you’re excited to share with your fans?

“There are going to be a fucking lot of projects coming this summer but no spoilers.


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