Build the Future - Album by Agent Johnny Red

Today’s Featured Artist is Agent Johnny Red, the synth poet behind the single and concept album, Build the Future.

Agent Johnny Red

an agent of love and positive change

Agent Johnny Red (Travis Redman) is a synthwave musician, modern day poet, music artist and producer based in Maine, USA.


Build the Future is an emotionally raw cosmic exploration of modern life. Agent Johnny Red (AKA Agent) weaves a sonic tapestry with synthesizers, interlaced with his contemplative lyrics and unique vocals. Like that of a modern day Beat Poet, Agent’s music takes us down a rabbit hole of ferocious creativity and wide eyed wonder while still reflecting the world around us.

The visuals for Agent’s projects are like an inspired blend of trippy retro psychedelica, Sci Fi, and David Lynch-esque noir cool. It’s clear that a lot of time and dedication goes into making his fun videos which are available on both his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Agent Johnny Red - Official Logo


Cherry Corvette

Also released in 2021, Agent brought us a mournful yet dancey and ultimately uplifting synthwave covered seduction of a song in “Cherry Corvette”. For this song, Agent collaborated with Melbourne-based music producer Matt Hodges (@matthodgesmusic on Instagram) and this meeting of musical minds does not disappoint. Take this song for a spin yourself…just make sure you have your sunglasses on and the windows rolled down so you can feel the music the way it was mean to be felt: with the freedom of the open road as you cruise into a synthwave sunset.



Travis Redman of Agent Johnny Red - Music Artist

Travis Redman of Agent Johnny Red

Agent Johnny Red - Music Artist

Agent Johnny Red


Agent likes to make music that inspires people to do, be, and feel free within their lives. In that regard, he is an Agent of positive change, seeking others to help build a future together, a future in which we all can share.

In the words of Agent, “We have already One.”


Agent Johnny Red

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