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Caleb Lemons


Artist Bio

Caleb Lemons is a Hip Hop / Neo Soul Artist and producer from northeast Texas who began his music career in Austin Texas in 2020. In November of 2020, Lemons began working at 5th Street Studios and taking his music production from a closet to one of the nicest sounding recording studios in the state. 2022 saw his release of “SAY LESS.” which was recorded at Seize the Means Productions and quickly catapulted him onto the scene with this now fan favorite.

Upon moving to Austin he also began rediscovering his roots as a drummer and ended up taking his solo act to a live band performance that ultimately grew into a 6 piece band, with the collective “Sundrop Sound” that Lemons started earlier this year! (@sundrop.sound on instagram) Lemons will be releasing his debut project “YELLOW” through Black Coat Records later this year and feels that it will “elevate him to another level as a musician and songwriter.”

Caleb Lemons / Copyright © 2023

“Secret” (Official Music Video) – Caleb Lemons ft. Dayne Black

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“Inspiration for me is all over–def Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, J. Cole, Smino, Kendrick Lamar, Saba, Justin Bieber, Dominic fike, Omar Apollo, Tyler the Creator, Isaiah rashad, old school cats like Nas always…I could literally go on forever.”

Tell us about your studio setup. What kinds of instruments do you use?

“Studio setup is so hard because sometimes it’s like a dude and a computer and sometimes it’s 6 dudes and a computer and sometimes it’s 5 dudes 5 girls and 6 instruments. I very much like modern produced sound at least on the record and very much enjoy band performance for live music!”

Caleb Lemons / Photo by Kara Wachsmann, Copyright © 2023

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“I’d say for anyone reading this use what you have to the best ability on whatever scale that is if it’s free sounds you get online and chop up, you can make it happen. In the studio or on the street, the music is inside you.????”

“Challenges, there’s always challenges, I did music for about 6 years before I ever saw a dime from it, to be transparent, it can be difficult to survive as an Artist but don’t let anything stop you if you know what you want and you’ll make sure it’s yours to have! Just make sure it comes from a place of authenticity and you’ll be unstoppable!”

What are your future goals?

“Future goals…there’s so many. Short term goals is playing ACL and getting this next project to as many ears as possible. Long term is Super Bowl and most of all SUMMER JAM.”

What kinds of upcoming projects are you working on?

“We don’t have a release date but again we’re in the middle of recording my debut record ‘YELLOW’ which describes me as an Artist by the sound and the writing. I’m soooo excited!”

Caleb Lemons / Photo by Kara Wachsmann, Copyright © 2023

How do you feel Hip Hop has evolved over the past 50 years, and what aspects of Hip Hop do you believe have remained the same?

“Well extremely quickly and impressively. It went from scratching disco records at parties to a conscious political movement to the most all encompassing widest known and recognized multifaceted genre of music of all time.”

“In just 50 years time so much has changed. If you want to watch how quickly it evolved go check out Ebro in the mornings Hip Hop Top 50 and watch how hard it is to narrow down the genre to the best of the best in such a short time. Long story short the genre started on the streets of NYC and in 50 years is shaping kids in northeast Texas to become who they are today.”

What’s changed and what’s stayed the same?

“I’d say what’s changed the most, and is probably the most obvious, is going from more talking and straight rhyming to the modern flows being much more melodic and less focused on content of each bar but more how everything feels in the moment. And I’d say what’s stayed the same is maybe the consistency of Hip Hop production remaining revolutionary and being the genre that sets the precedent for other genres. As you see pop in the 2000s as well as all the modern indie rock–glass animals type stuff–is very inspired by Hip Hop, which I love.”

How do you maintain your authenticity and artistic vision while navigating the pressures of the music industry?

“It’s easy to maintain authenticity because I feel no pressure by the industry to be anything other than the best version of me I can be. Compare yourself only to other versions of yourself. Make music that’s fun and feels right for you and you’ll find the people that like it.”

How do you balance the creative process and the business side of being an independent Artist?

“This is something that is definitely difficult I lean to the creative side for sure so adjusting to being a business has been a different vibe for sure. It’s really just splitting it down the middle and finding the nuance of what CAN be fun on the business side if you decide it is fun.”

What (if any) are some important messages or themes you aim to convey through your music, and why are they significant to you?

“The message I try to convey in my music is that I’m a person–as many of you I’m sure are as well–that loves very hard and will do anything for the people I love, but DON’T forget to give that same love to yourself first! I try to convey an honest version of this as we can all forget sometimes, but when I remember, I REMEMBER and make sure I flaunt it to the world! We’re all Kings and Queens.”

A Message from the Artist

“The #1 way my fans can help is if you’re local or able to make a trip, COME SEE ME LIVE. The musicians that I’m grateful to call my band are phenomenal performers and always #1 way to support us is to buy Merch and exclusive content when it comes out. I do have a link to my ‘Tribly collection’ in my bio which is a pretty cool place to go support and get something unique out of it that everyone else isn’t able to hear if you’re a TRUE LEMONHEAD.”

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