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by Acacia Carr / April 1st, 2022
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Captain Ghostnote 2022

Captain Ghostnote

Bleep. Blop. Bloop. Beautiful beats.


Artist Bio

Captain Ghostnote is an electronic jazzmusician from The Netherlands. Bass player lost in a world of bleeps. Synth Mechanic. Beat Chemist. Glitchmeister. ElektronHead. Eternal piano practise. Filter funky orbit. Microjazz. MaschineBeats. Robot soul. Captain Collab. FM Jazz. Strange fish. SuperGroovyRobotButterflies. Label: PetiteVictoryCollective.



“Whenever you are” [frosty surrealist electronics with the inimitable @dontmesswithjuan]

SuperGroovyRobotButterflies [with NYC hero saxplayer @Xandergee]

FM Jazz [Jazz with only FM synthesis and piano. @truecuckoo liked the album]

[Quirky latin electro speedrap with the awesome artist Adri Vinchira @adri.vinchira]


What are your inspirations?

“At the age of 11 I started to play bass and I was fascinated by very different bassplayers, like Stanley Clarke, Rufus Reid, Bootsy Collins, Eddy Gomez and Mark King. I discovered jazz and became a jazzmusician; I p(l)ayed my way through university playing well-payed jazz gigs. In the 90s, acts like The Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, and Leftfield made me venture into electronics. Nowadays musicians like Jacob Collier, Joni Mitchell, John Beasley, Peter Martin, and Joshua Redman inspire me. @truecuckoo helped me on my way making quirky electronic rhythms. Also, my peers on IG and labelmates are definitely a big source of inspiration.”


What challenges have you faced as an Artist?

“I have a hard time ‘specialising’ and presenting myself as an artist in a defines genre. Although my style and musical choices are fairly unique I think. I never know what genre my next project will be. I am a jazz-, soul- and funk musician with a profound love of chords progressions and intricate harmony, but I like electronics, ambient, classical- and film music at the same time. So I never know what I want to create next. Musical rebel, probably. Ecclectic, and at the same time difficult to present yourself as an recognizable artist. Finding the right audience is a true challenge. And after that: doing promotion is a challenge. I prefer making music in the time I have available.”


What are your future goals with your music?

“Better quality! Getting better at playing piano. I practice often. Getting a lot better at mixing. Doing #Jamuary every year. Make more musical friends. Create more conceptual albums and reaching a larger audience. Make a unique album that finds it’s way to that valuable niche. Release another electronics album at @petitevictorycollective. Make a raw funk album with a talkbox. I’d love to do more collabs with vocalists; especially finding a soulful vocalist who feels the music, writes lyrics and is willing to experiment is not easy. And: make every album better than the one before. Long journey ahead. So many goals…”


Tell us about your studio setup.

“As a bassplayer I obviously love my bass guitars; especially my fretless Tokai that I’ve had for more than 30 years now. Gearwise: everything Elektron is my favorite gear, basically. The Analog RYTM, Octatrack and ModelCycles I use in all my productions. I don’t use the Novation Circuit as much as I’d like. I use my vintage gear, too: the first generation Korg Electribe ES-1 and EM-1, the very sought-after Yamaha AN200, Roland MC-307 and Roland R8 Human Rythm Composer. At the same time I love my software: Komplete 13 and Maschine software by Native Instruments. Excellent sketchbook material!”


What projects are you working on now?

“I am currently working on two albums: SonicJazzySpaceInvaders and PositiveGlobalFeelgoodChemistry. SJJI is going to be an electronic jazz album with a focus on quirky beats, melody, and harmony. I added some modular synthloops, used my Elektron gear, and played electric bass. Homie @Xandergee adds his saxophone magic. PositiveGlobalFeelgoodChemistry will be a feelgood soul and funk album. Trying to bring positive vibes to the world. Awesome musicians and vocalists from all around the globe have offered to be part of the album. Making an album like that is an absolute dream come true.”


A Message from Captain Ghostnote

“I’m happy with every stream and positive comment. Give me a follow on IG and listen to my work. If you like depth in music, unexpected chords, and sublety in harmony, my EPs are definitely outside the box. Listen to any release and you’ll never know what comes next. And if you wanna support by buying music: Bandcamp is the place to be.”


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