Cenit 85

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Cenit 85

Artist Bio

Cenit was born on November 30, 1985, in Guatemala City. He is a Chillwave and Synthwave music producer who also performs as a live artist. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Artists from the USA, France, Russia, and Italy. He has been featured on major YouTube channels within this genre such as Astral Throb, Definition of Chill, and Odiseo.

In 2021, he released his first album titled Closer, followed by his latest album Through the Void in 2023, where he incorporated many emotional melodies and sounds. Cenit is currently signed to Girlfriend Records, a label based in San Francisco, California.

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“My inspiration for creating in this genre began when I first listened to ‘Home Resonance.’ It felt like discovering a new world of sounds. At that moment, I knew I wanted to produce Chillwave and Synthwave music. Currently, my main sources of inspiration are my family, friends, and the desire to convey my emotions through my music to people around the world.”

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Favorite Instruments

Cenit utilizes a blend of analog synthesizers, such as the Prophet-6 and the Roland JU-06A, alongside digital plugins like u-he Diva. For monitoring purposes, he uses Yamaha HS8 speakers and a Scarlett audio interface for sound capture.

Future Projects

“I will be releasing my next EP in December, the title of which will be ‘Subconscious.’ The goal is to end the year by sharing new music.”

Cenit 85 / Copyright © 2023

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“I think AI is beginning to provide significant support for artists in producing music in an easier way. However, it will never replace human creativity and emotions.

Cenit 85 / Copyright © 2023
Cenit 85 / Copyright © 2023
Cenit 85 / Copyright © 2023

What are your future goals?

“Performing at Major Festivals or Venues. Playing at larger festivals or renowned venues can be an aspiration for me. I might aim to perform at prestigious events or to headline my own shows.”

Cenit 85 / Copyright © 2023

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