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Saurabh Alwadkar

by Acacia Carr / May 1st, 2022
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Saurabh Alwadkar 2022

Saurabh Alwadkar

ambient moods, echoes of eternity…a lo-fi odyssey


Artist Bio

India-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist Saurabh Alwadkar has set out to search the depths of ethereal sound. His Ambient/Lo-Fi sound combines soothing chords & melodies combined with crisp, foley-based drum loops, lush ambient pads, warm guitar tones, and soft female vocal chops.

“I like to do experiments with the music I create. Every song I make reflects my thoughts and emotions set in a world where the listener decides the outcome of events played out in the music.”


Like as in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, the listener is guided through a series of sonic layers but it’s up to each person to interpret their experience through the context of their own life. This is the magic of Saurabh’s sonic artistry. Rather than providing a fully painted and formed picture of a specific idea, limited and confined in space in time, he presents us with a moment, an opportunity to reflect. We find that it is in fact an endless canvas full of possibilities for us to explore.

The album artwork for Saurabh’s music is dark and full of mystique, often featuring one or two faceless, silhouetted figures providing a stark and intriguing counterpoint to the ethereal landscapes in which they exist, a surreality in which Saurabh’s sonic creations take shape and come to life.

This is music to study, work, dance, drive, chill, or sleep to. It’s the type of vibe that puts you in a positive frame of mind despite its sometimes somber tones. Between layers of soft vocal harmonies and synthesizers is a special place away from the worries of the world where the breeze is sweet and carries with it the haunting yet beautiful sonic art that is Saurabh’s.


“Future Memories” – Single


“She Cried Alone at Sea” – Single


“A Rising Knight” – Single


“Scintilla” – Single


What inspires your music?

“Drawing inspiration from the likes of Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5 and Owsey, I’m traversing tempos and transcending genres from soundtracks, future ambient sounds, to electronica, lo-fi hip hop, and anything else that lurks amongst the underground music.”


What challenges have you faced as an Artist?

“Lack of studio equipment due to financial issues results in a painful creative process.”


What are your future goals with your music?

“My future goal is to keep learning new techniques and explore new ideas so that I’ll keep getting better and better in the process of music-making.”


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