Chloe Tang

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Chloe Tang / Photo by Lou Harvard / Copyright © 2024

Chloe Tang

Artist Bio

Writing music for more than half her life, Chloe Tang’s untapped potential was showcased when she opened a 4,000 cap room for pop superstar, Dua Lipa in 2018 in a venue she had worked security at just months prior. Since this full circle moment, Chloe has been writing and performing music in Los Angeles working independently with some of the biggest up and coming writers/producers like Johan Lenox (Travis Scott, 070Shake, RAYE), Shawn Wasabi (Warner Chappell), and Chizzy (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Blxst). Between the emotionally-liberating anthems, and the sultry, often dark side of life as a creative, Chloe jokes her music says “love me, but leave me alone”.

With no label, Chloe’s catalog has amassed over 8 million streams organically, with plenty of music still on the way. She is also dedicated to advocacy for Asian-Americans, and routinely nods to her Chinese roots in her brand. Most recently, Chloe rolled out a new single titled “I SEE U” followed by a run of shows at SXSW in Austin with plans to play more shows throughout North America in 2024.

POISONALITY by Chloe Tang / Copyright © 2024

Upcoming Events

“I will be releasing an EP titled POISONALITY on June 28 which is my first independently released full project since 2018. A music video is also in the works with a release date TBD but will be within a few weeks of releasing the EP.”

What is the inspiration behind your Artist name?

“My artist name is my legal name. I’ve had some people tell me to change it before but I have a terrible indecisive trait so I knew if I chose anything else it would be dangerous. I know I would get tired of it and want to change it every month.”

“I’d Kill (w/ Special Guest Shawn Wasabi)” – Chloe Tang

Can you please walk us through your creative process when making new tracks?

“Songwriting for me goes way beyond the writing sessions. Typically an artist will go into a room with a producer and other writers and start something from scratch. When I go into sessions it makes me feel much more confident walking in when I have an idea I’ve had time to sit on. I, and a lot of artists/writers I know have an ongoing note in our Notes app where we write down song concepts, lyrics, ideas, lines, even just single words that inspire us. Personally I find myself really inspired by phrases and concepts.”

“For example, my song “Hoes Have Feelings Too” was just something I said in a casual conversation but once I wrote it down so many other ideas started to just flow. That’s how a lot of my favorite songs I’ve written are born. A phrase or concept is a great place to start a song for me because it’s just enough to build a story around but not too vague that I’m sitting there for hours just thinking about the infinite amount of directions it could go. Sometimes I’ll hear a beat and be inspired but I’d say that’s a bit more rare.”

Chloe Tang / Photo by Sig / Copyright © 2024

Is there a particular environment or setting that inspires your best work for music creation? How do your surroundings influence your artistic output?

“For me it’s less about the physical environment and more about the energy that’s being produced by the other people I’m writing with. I will say one of my favorite physical places to write is in my grandparent’s old house on this old, very out of tune piano. I’m usually alone in that setting. But if I’m in a session, I feel very creative around people I know on a personal level and who I feel seen around. There’s this level of trust that makes a huge difference when I have to be honest about what I’m thinking.”

How has your personal sound and style evolved over the years?

“I have always struggled with my ‘style’ in every sense of the word. Musically I have dabbled in so many different genres it’s crazy—I started out as a Folk acoustic singer/songwriter, experimented in the Blues Rock world for a bit, tried to rap a little and have ended up in a Pop/R&B area. It’s been a journey. I have always loved Pop though. I do think all that being said, my love for Pop has always been apparent in my music throughout the years. Similarly, my style when it comes to branding and fashion has been the same.”

“Whatever style I was experimenting with I always gravitated towards aesthetics that were a bit left of center. I love dark colors, lots of neutrals, and mixing elements that don’t conventionally go together. I used to have such a hard time deciding on one look for my brand/music but once I accepted that I will never be able to commit to just one thing, I finally started to appreciate the process of continuously trying new things.”

“Toxic (The Process)” – Chloe Tang

What innovative techniques or equipment do you use in your music production? How do these tools help you achieve your unique sound?

“I don’t produce my own music, I always have a producer when writing music. However, when giving direction to collaborators, I do often find myself telling them that no matter what the style of song is, I need to have a focus element (which tends to be either a live instrument or if it’s a sample, to distort it). In all my more recent music, the focus element serves as the ‘concept’ of the production. Just as the concept inspires my songwriting, the focus element inspires the production…in my process at least.”

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

“Empowered. Seen. Heard. Safe.”

Chloe Tang / Photo by Justin Town / Copyright © 2024

Can you share a pivotal moment in your music career that significantly influenced your sound or direction?

“To be honest I think I’m experiencing a pivotal moment in my career right now. There have been others—like when I opened for Dua Lipa in 2018 or other more ‘accolade’ type things, but what I’m experiencing now is a lot more mental. The process of putting out this EP independently has been something I’ve always aspired to do but just never had any idea of what I was capable of. Now that it’s coming to an end, I feel like I have accomplished so much mentally to where I can continue to move forward with a different attitude. I don’t think I will question my own capabilities like that again. I definitely proved to myself that I can do anything on my own at this point without a label and that’s powerful.”

Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or experiments you’re excited to share with your fans?

“I am so excited to share this EP with my listeners and community. It’s been a few years in the making so it feels pretty surreal. Thank you guys for giving me the space to talk about it! ”

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