Today’s featured music artist is Ambientcloud with the new EP “Clear Skies” (September 14th, 2021).


Ambientcloud is the alias of indie electronic musician, Alex Reichmann. Based in New York and releasing music under the label ambient lofi, Ambientcloud’s sound is a sultry cinematic blend of synthesizers and simple yet catchy drum beats. Moving somewhere between indie lofi and moody synths is Ambientcloud’s latest EP, Clear Skies.

Clear Skies

Hot of the presses on September 14th, 2021, Clear Skies has 4 tracks which include the dreamwave banger “Clear Sky”, the smartly sexy “Drifter” with its arpeggios and bells, and “Nightfall”, with synthian echoes of both the natural and supernatural worlds.

I also adore the relaxing vibes of the pastel scenes shown in the cover art created by xez.jpg for these songs. Be sure to press Play on the cool video teaser for “Drift” so you can feel the full vibes!

"Clear Sky" by Ambientcloud, 2021

Nightfall" Cover art by Ambientcloud, 2021. All rights reserved.

My favorite track on the EP is a song called “Ready”, with its clean and uplifting melody. Both the artwork and the sonic palette for “Ready” reflect the more 80s style synth pop driven emphasis Ambientcloud has been embracing as of late and it is a mood that does not disappoint.

"Ready" Cover artwork by Ambientcloud

Cover art for the single, “Ready”. Artwork by Ambientcloud. Released 2021.

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