Professional Coaching
Especially for Women

Professional coaching services
for women in the music industry

Mythic Rhythmic is pleased to recommend SupremeSound.Life for women in the music industry. CEO of SupremeSound.Life Alarke is a professional music instructor and coach focused on helping female music artists develop their niche, talent, confidence, and strategy. She offers professional services in the following areas:

  • Vocals (technique, recording, vocal production)
  • Songwriting
  • Production in Ableton and Logic
  • Artist Development
  • Branding
  • Release Strategy
  • Performance Skills
  • Funding (grant writing, crowdfunding, private patrons)


Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Coach

Alarke offers expert coaching for female artists in pop and electronic music looking for mentorship and accountability who are ready to level up. She’s been performing professionally for 29 years and teaching for 16 years to thousands of students. Her clients include artists who are putting out their first and continuous releases to those who are performing at Madison Square Garden and signed to labels and publishing companies. Contact Alarke today to learn more about her services and availability.