Dalé 52

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Artists, October 2023 Issue

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Dalé 52


Artist Bio

Dalé 52 is a Music Artist and Music Producer primarily focused on electronic and experimental music. He has always been closely connected to music and composition in various aspects: as radio DJ, lyricist, composer, contributor to blogs and digital magazines, music collector, and cataloger. As a Music Producer, he already has one album in the market and over twenty singles available on the main digital platforms. Currently, he is working on several parallel projects which will be released soon.

Another New World by Dalé 52 / Copyright © 2023


“My interest in electronic music is very broad; I’m fascinated by the ability to create new sounds that didn’t exist before, which electronic music allows. If I had to choose electronic music genres that I enjoy the most and influence me, they would be: EBM, Aggrotech, Techno, Experimental, Industrial, IDM, EDM, Ambient…”


“As for the goals I pursue, they would mainly be two. The first one is to grow creatively. With each new musical piece, I seek to go further, explore new paths, achieve a certain blend of musical styles, experiment with sounds and possibilities, even with a bit of sense of humor. I’m interested in finding variety and playfulness in producing music. Secondly, I would like to grow in terms of audience, of course, gradually gaining followers who are genuinely interested in the music I create.”

Dalé 52 / Copyright © 2023

Upcoming Projects

“Currently, I’m working on the next musical track that aims to blend creative elements of Techno and Electronic Dance Music, while playing with somewhat irreverent lyrics and humoristic or funny sounds. Additionally, I’m preparing the next album.”

Hybrid by Dalé 52 / Copyright © 2023

“What role does technology play in your music, and how has it evolved over
your career?”

“I would say that, in my case, when primarily I make electronic music, technology is everything. Furthermore, technology is inexhaustible not only in possibilities but also in its continuous evolution. By seeing music as a creative game that achieves the ultimate goal of reaching a commercial result, technology and the experimentation it can offer are crucial in this creative game. They shape my evolution in terms of exploring new paths. I’m not interested in doing the same thing over and over again but rather in trying to find new solutions, new challenges each time.”

“How do you see your music evolving in the future, both creatively and professionally?”

“It’s hard to say. I try to answer these questions as I go along. I really don’t know where I’ll creatively evolve, it’s all possible! It will depend on what I feel like doing or the musical challenges I set for myself at any given moment. Professionally, it is true that it’s challenging to balance continuous creative variety with achieving significant commercial success. But we’ll see. After all, the most important thing is to be my biggest fan, making music primarily for myself, isn’t it?”

Space Jungle X by Dalé 52 / Copyright © 2023

“What trends in electronic music do you think will be popular in 2024?”

“Can I answer in 2025? Hahaha”

“What is the most important lesson you have learned in your journey as a music artist?”

“That you have to let yourself be surprised by your own music when creating it. That producing music is an exchange between what you want to do and what the music you are making wants to be. It’s a constant dialogue in which you suggest and listen to what the music is asking of you to evolve.”

Dalé 52 / Copyright © 2023

A Message from the Artist

“I feel rewarded when people listen to my music and enjoy it. If they also let me know and share it, that’s great!”

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