Dance Iridium with
Synth-Pop Duo MonoPlastic

by Acacia Carr / June 1st, 2022
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MonoPlastic 2022


80s inspired Synths and scintillating sounds from Slovakia


Artist Bio

“MonoPlastic is a Slovakian duo founded in 2021. Plutonium Rock and Iridium Dance—the main genres of the band—are a combination of analog synths and drum machines, robotic vocals, traditional instruments such as guitars or drums, bright tracksuits, neon, and our unconventional take on 80s music nostalgia (in recommended daily doses). With our live performances full of looping, real-time automation, mixing and playing, we create an unconventional combination of DJing and a regular concert.”


What artists have influenced your music?

“Kraftwerk, Chromatics, Radiohead, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Gunship”

MonoPlastic 2022

“Bright Horses”

In their creative lyric video for “Bright Horses”- the debut single for the band- we see through the eyes of MonoPlastic in 2 tone as the artists appear onscreen in code-like form, guiding us through a labyrinth of delightful electronic tones and deep vocals to a world of edgy and darkly symphonic beauty. Seductively mesmerizing guitar riffs and perfectly accentuated drums make this song a must listen along with the rest of this talented duo’s fresh catalog of work. “Bright Horses” itself is in fact part of a Trilogy of songs which also includes “Dancing Horses” and “Rockin’ Horses”.



“Individual” – from the Iridium Dance Single

Lyrics from “Individual”:
Please, do not attempt to adjust your radio set
We are in control of this transmission and we have a very important announcement for you today
Being that you were chosen to be our new favourite

Favourite Individual


What challenges have you faced as an Artist?

“Convincing people and your potential audience to give you a minute of their time to listen to your music. It’s a struggle for us and thousands of other indie artists to get heard. Also, it’s a challenge to find a solid gig in our country since people are not used to going to electronic live concerts but it’s a challenge we are committed to overcome.”


What are your future goals with your music?

“We are currently working on filming 2 promotional videos for our latest double single release Iridium Dance. We also plan to release our first LP sometime in Q3 this year which will be announced soon!”

MonoPlastic 2022

Tell us about your studio setup

“Our favorite instrument has to be Teenage Engineering OP-Z. Many people wrongly think it’s just a toy, but don’t be deceived by its looks – the thing is one of the most powerful sequencers out there! And of course, we cannot forget to mention Ableton Live which serves as the brain of operation for our live set up.”


How can your fans best help support you?

“By listening to our music of course! There’s nothing more rewarding for an artist than fans listening to their music.”


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