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Artist Bio

Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, Def-i represents the Diné Nation as one of the Southwest’s most active and prominent touring artists. His performance styles range wide from Hip Hop and Spoken Word to Contemporary Native-American Acoustic.

Emerging from the underground indy Rap circuit, his eclectic repertoire of talent has allowed him to single-handedly perform regularly throughout the country as an educator and as an Artist. His dedication to cultural preservation and lyrical mastery has earned him the respect of Hip Hop veterans, industry professionals, academics, and upcoming generations of fans.

Winner of “Male Artist of the Year” at the 2024 New Mexico Hip Hop Awards, an official SXSW Artist, and fresh back from his visit to the EU as part of the Next Level Hip Hop cultural ambassador program, Def-i is an Artist that is constantly on the move and making big waves with his work.

You can now listen to the interview with Def-i on Episode 5 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents only on The full expanded version of my interview with Def-i will be available soon.

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Blue Hour – Def-i

The Blue Hour is the latest EP in Def-i’s extensive catalogue and is a work of sonic artist from start to finish. Released in August of 2023, this album features tracks such as “Blue Dream Wedding Cake”, Southwest (Feat. A. Billi Free), and the Gathering of MCs Intertribal which includes various MCs such as MC Slader, BlesInfinite, Supaman, and many more. With beats produced by Smoke M2D6 of Oldominion, Ariano, and Glitter Whale aka DiViNCi, its clear that collaboration is an important element in this release, echoing a collaborative theme to Def-i’s overall body of work.

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“Southwest” – Def-i feat. A. Billi Free

Def-i / Copyright © 2024

On the Rise

Performing across the Southwest, the US, and most recently Europe, Def-i represents big ideas, Indigenous resilience, and community through Hip Hop. Though his location may change, one thing remains the same…this is an Artist on the rise.

Check out Def-i’s extensive video collection on YouTube for more.

Def-i on YouTube

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If you’d like to hear the full interview with Def-i as well as enjoy fresh tracks from this Artist and other Hip Hop Artists from around the world, please tune in to Episode 5 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents.