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Artist Bio

Born Tyler MacHardy, he was inspired to use the name DOLORES, the same name as his grandmother. She has been the most impactful and spiritual mentor in his life, helping guide him along his path after he started rapping at 9 years old.

DOLORES is unwavering in his commitment to pursuing a career in music, propelled by an intense passion and dedication stemming from overcoming OCD, anxiety, and depression. During this transformative phase in his life, music emerged as a cathartic outlet for DOLORES to express the deepest corners of his heart and soul.

With an insatiable desire to create beauty and inspire, DOLORES truly has music at his core. He is not merely an Artist; he embodies resilience, creativity, and the healing power of music.

DOLORES / Copyright © 2024

How and when did you first get introduced to Hip Hop?

“My mom’s younger brother exposed me to Hip Hop at a young age. He played Tupac, Wu Tang, and The Roots, all of which are dear to my heart.”

“I started to discover newer Hip Hop when I was seven years old. I remember the scene vividly. I was walking across my living room and my parents were sitting on the couch watching the 2008 American Music Awards. On the screen, a performer wearing blocky white sunglasses was curling into himself, leaning into the microphone, and singing his heart out. He caught the attention of my eyes and ears. I watched the entirety of Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’ performance and became obsessed. I felt his aching of the soul, his longing for something real, and his impenetrable swagger. At seven years old, I had never felt so deeply about a piece of music. This hero that so suddenly appeared in front of me seemed to be expressing emotions and desires that I never knew I had.”

How would you describe your personal and creative evolution as a Hip Hop Artist?

“I started making Hip Hop at 9 years old. Although I had the passion, I didn’t have the life experience to inform my creation. Going through the lows in life gave me a perspective to approach a new sound, one with a sensitivity to the human experience.”

“As I continue to make music, I would like to venture into other genres like R&B, Alternative, Lo-Fi, Jazz, and Rock and incorporate them into my sound. I also plan to experiment with different types of production and new collaborations.”

“Meditate [Tiny Desk 2024]” – DOLORES

Please take us behind the scenes when producing a track from start to finish. Do you start with words or beats first, and how does the track evolve?

“I’ll do both. Sometimes I have something specific that I want to say and I will find a way to work it into whatever piece of music I am using. Other times, I let the sounds and vibe of the beat inform my content matter, lyrics, and message. I try to be pointed with the words I use and how they paint a bigger picture of the world I am creating. From there, it is about fine-tuning the music to create the feelings I want to evoke.”

DOLORES / Copyright © 2024

Is collaboration an important aspect of your work or do you prefer to work alone? Please tell us about any memorable collaborations if so.

“Nothing remarkable is made in a vacuum. I think that collaboration is one of the most inspiring aspects of music. From working with other Artists to Photographers to Producers, these different specialties combine to create something bigger than their pieces.”

“Recently, I collaborated on a song with Def-I, my favorite Hip Hop artist in New Mexico. I am looking forward to sharing it soon…”

“Liminal Spaces (Official Music Video)” – DOLORES

How do you approach lyricism in your work? What themes or stories do you like to explore?

“The name DOLORES comes from the Latin root word ‘dolor’ which translates to ‘aches’ and ‘pains’. I hope to provide insight into these aches and pains in my lyrics as a way to highlight the beauty of our human struggle. After all, we are all in this together.”

“Don’t Fade Away ft @Arianomusic (Official Music Video) – DOLORES


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