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Embers / Photo by Alex Lambert / Copyright © 2023


Artist Bio

Embers is is stirring up a loyal fan base, or ‘flames’ as she lovingly calls them, on social media with her live looping videos and engaging story telling. Singing of self-love, her journey with sobriety, relationships and more, she blends sweeping synths with driving bass lines, and thumping electronic percussion beats fit for the dance floor.

“I’m a romantic, and love the kind of pop hooks that get stuck in your head all day, but I’m also deeply inspired by dance music. For example, I love experimenting with mixing techno beats with floating, layered pop vocals. ”

This one- woman band taught herself how to produce her own music and live loop with Ableton during the pandemic.

“Learning to produce for myself has been so liberating and empowering. This journey has taught me to really trust myself creatively. I’d love to inspire others to do the same. Perfection doesn’t matter…it’s expression, it’s art, and it’s fun!”

Embers / Photo by Alex Lambert / Copyright © 2023

Favorite Instruments/Studio Setup

“I love my Ableton Push 2, combined with my midi keyboard. I also use my Launchpad X when creating outside of and away from the studio because it is more compact and transportable. I’m currently delving into the world of synths! I just bought my first one: the Korg Modwave. I just use the Audio Technica mic I first ever got, years and years ago. One of these days I’ll upgrade!”

Future Projects

“I am currently preparing for the new year where I have lots of new music coming out, three single to give you at the start of the year, and a really exciting collab coming! Stay tuned”

Embers / Copyright © 2023

Which emerging Artists do you believe will shape the future of electronic music and why?

“I’m totally obsessed with these four female Artists/Producers who are using live looping, synths and other hardware to create interactive and immersive live electronic shows Like Pretty Girl, Elkka, Biianco and Rachel K Collier. Their live shows are so captivating, and I find myself studying what they’re doing. They do so much on stage, but still seem calm, like they’re improvising and having fun. I see them play shows like that and I feel inspired-so that to me is shaping the future of electronic music, inspiring others to be daring, to learn new aspects of creating electronic music and throw themselves into creating music with a playfulness.”

Embers / Photo by Alex Lambert / Copyright © 2023

What is a current electronic song that already sounds like a future classic to you?

“‘Blush’ by Yune Pinku. I just find it totally addictive and I can’t stop playing it. That sparkly synth at the start is so dreamy, and the vocal line really gets stuck in my head, too. I’m a huge fan of her music.”

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“I only see more sub- genres bending and merging together as technology progresses and there are more possibilities for innovative creation with hardware.”

“Plus, as DAW’s upgrade and become more user friendly, and there are content creators sharing tools, resources and tips for producing music- more people will feel that music production is accessible to them and that they can learn it, too, which is amazing! It means more perspectives and unique talented people being able to produce and share their art with the world.”

“I think with everything at your fingertips on your phone there’s so much exposure to so many different sub-genres of electronic music, and so many different Artists all creating unique music in their own way-it’s impossible not to be inspired. I think having access to so much new music all the time will mean that naturally electronic Artists will take inspiration from a wide pool, and this will influence the music they make.”

Embers / Copyright © 2023

What do you think the future of live electronic music will be like?

“With advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and the evolution of those, the future of live electronic music will be redefined. I guess one of the main ways people will likely choose to view music performances in the future is by streaming them, which is already happening. Virtual instruments could be another thing that will shape the future of live electronic music.”

What are your future goals?

“To start playing my live set…LIVE! It feels like a bit of a terrifying thought at the moment, but it is really starting to come together. I can’t wait to take it out of the studio and bring it to life…to see people dancing to my music. That’s the dream at the moment.”

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