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with Margot Day and Metamorph

by Acacia Carr / October 1st, 2022
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Margot Day 2022

Margot Day

dance macabre with Margot Day of METAMORPH and The Plague


Artist Bio

Margot Day is a modern day Witch and Goth Pop songstress with hauntingly ethereal vocals, mesmerizing musicianship, and a fiercely powerful visual presence worthy of a Queen of the Night. Margot was also an integral part of the 1980s NYC underground music scene while fronting the legendary Goth band, The Plague. 

The Plague released their seminal album Naraka in 1987. With songs such as “Never Die”, “Vampyre”, and “Suicide Queen”, their subject matter was dark, gritty, and powerful, exploring the taboo with a fervency equaled only by Margot’s driving force as lead singer of the band. Featuring Margot’s uniquely angelic voice over mesmerizing guitar riffs and pounding drums, their sound was deeply in tune with their era and yet still sounds fresh today. An album arriving fresh on the heels of such artists as the punk band the Germs as well as Bauhaus’ music from the film The Hunger, Naraka packs a super punch of dark yet creative energy and feels right at home in this explosively creative era of Goth Rock along with all of the visual and stylistic appeal of the genre. Margot’s voice in this project calls to mind echoes of Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees yet it is set to the nth power, next level due to Margot’s extremely wide vocal range and her skillful flute playing.

Naraka by The Plague, 1987

What was it like being a woman fronting a band in the NY underground punk scene in the ’80s?

“Strangely at the time I wasn’t worried about ‘being a woman’. I just went forth doing my thing, kind of oblivious. Now I look back and am shocked by the strength it must have taken to have taken the stage surrounded by “men only” bands and club owners. The most extreme example was the first Plague concert in a Squat with 1000 people (mostly guys) we opened for the Bad Brains. We were almost bumped from our spot in the line-up and we stormed the stage and played. Ballsey! Lol. But I will also add that we had dedicated fans (mostly guys) and my bandmates (also guys) and I always felt the love and support.”


Can you share some of the highlights of playing concerts in those days?

“Highlights? That we were part of a genesis of the Punk and Goth movements. So much talent. So much hope and inspiration and togetherness. Together we stood in our diversity and various visions.”

Margot Day with The Plague c. 1980s

Overall in your opinion, how has music production, performance, and promotion changed since that time?

“Everything has changed. Everything. We now have access to record in our own studios. Equipment can be condensed to go on the road and then the actual sound systems are astronomically better quality – you can hear the singer! That was not always the case ‘back in the day’. We used to ‘go flyering’ illegally and late night, as the only real method of promoting a show. Underground gorilla promo lol. Back then we had fancy demo’s that were cassette tapes. For real. Today I can promote from my bedroom – like I am doing right now with the Web. And, of course with my tarot cards, crystal ball, incense and altar – that part has stayed the same.”

Margot Day, The Plague c. 1980s

What were some other bands you played with as The Plague? What would you like to share with us about this time in your life?

“Check out my miracle healing documentary where I mention Rob Zombie and Joey Ramone…”

>> View the Documentary

Margot Day, The Plague c. 1980s

Who were your influences at that time? Who wrote the music for the band?

“I suppose the influences would be Bauhaus, Siouxsie. But I am not really influenced by other bands. I live in my own creative magical bubble with mystical experiences. I’m more influenced by human suffering and the need to help. I co-wrote all the songs with Christian and Bones. And our stage manager Carmen Bonn contributed lyrics to Suicide Queen. Bones was a brilliant Bass player. Unbelievable. Grateful to have played with him. You can see his talent in the videos I have uploaded to YouTube on this playlist.”


Learn more about The Plague here:

Margot Day, Metamorph 2022

Modern Day Metamorph

Fast forward to today and we find native New Yorker Margot Day escaping temporarily to the jungle and forest to conjure her new collection of witchy Goth songs for her latest project, Metamorph. The first single from this project “Love in the Wreckage” launched Valentine’s Day, 2022 on all platforms. The second single “Dream Curve” dropped on Beltane May 1, 2022. These 2 singles heralded the bold arrival of her first full album as Metamorph—Kiss of the Witch—which was produced by Cleopatra recording artist Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed.

Margot Day, Metamorph 2022

“I love it when magic happens. Alchemy. Alchemist. Wizard. A huge shout out and thanks to the Alchemist of Metamorph Erik Gustafason. He takes my song skeletons, with my voice and flute recorded in the jungle and the forest, and adds lush layers of synth textures, beat programming, guitar and bass. His production is intoxicating. As a team we have created lush darkly melodic song elixirs. Irresistible. I listen to our new Metamorph album ‘Kiss of the Witch’ on repeat. For real. I can’t stop. I dare you to try it.” – Margot Day

Kiss of the Witch was released on all platforms on the Autumn Equinox of September 21, 2022 and is now available for streaming on major music platforms. A striking new music video followed the album release and is now available on YouTube.

Kiss of the Witch (2022)

Metamorph’s Kiss of the Witch album is a sexy gothic love-story featuring 6 songs and a remix. The album paints a picture where Twin Flames are reunited, love wins, and a magical kiss is meant to awaken us from this dystopian nightmare of our chaotic world, activating our superpowers for a better future together for ourselves and the planet. Each song is a witchy world unto itself…sexy, romantic, and intimate with layers of symbolization. The first album track “Love in the Wreckage” which dropped on Valentine’s Day, 2022 embraces the concepts of love and metamorphosis.

Kiss of the Witch (2022)

Metamorph’s Kiss of the Witch album is a sexy gothic love-story featuring 6 songs and a remix. The album paints a picture where Twin Flames are reunited, love wins, and a magical kiss is meant to awaken us from this dystopian nightmare of our chaotic world, activating our superpowers for a better future together for ourselves and the planet. Each song is a witchy world unto itself…sexy, romantic, and intimate with layers of symbolization. The first album track “Love in the Wreckage” which dropped on Valentine’s Day, 2022 embraces the concepts of love and metamorphosis.

The title track and video for “Kiss of the Witch” tell a tale of a gothic love story of Twin Flames and the illumination of beauty shining through the darkness. The music video for this song captures Margot Day in a mystical vortex and features a cameo by the well-known Author and Witch, Sali Crow. Filmed by Victoria Zolnoski and created by Gustafson cinematography, Kiss of the Witch is destined to be a cult classic.

Another track featured on this album is “Empress”, a fresh remake of a Plague song. For this song, Metamorph welcomes songstress Margot Day’s daughter and muse “Julifer Day” with her honeyed smokey vocals and heart wrenching lyrics. Their voices entwine across time on this resurrected song from Margot’s NYC underground days.

Julifer Day, Metamorph 2022

“Metamorph’s ‘Empress’ has a timeless vibe, where my voice and my daughters merge, where the past meets the present and makes a wish for the future”. ‘Empress’ goes deep into the dark-eyed night – as the Metamorph producer and alchemist Erik Gustafson said, ‘why go black when you can go midnight’.” – Margot Day

“I loved resurrecting the Plague song Empress. Entwining my daughter Julifer Day’s voice with mine in this Metamorph version. Empress came from a strange experience I had long ago. Late at night I was in upstate NY (where rip van winkle went to sleep) walking alone thru the dark-eyed night deep in the woods with the large, towering trees and I heard this ethereal voice singing. This mysterious voice was the inspiration for The Plague vision: a combination of dark and light, both eerie and beatific, utterly goth. The embodiment of mystical Goth sentiment.”

“Poison in the Air” has an undercurrent of frustration with world politics and yet still takes us into other worldly dimensions.

“I was inspired in the jungle by the huge Queen of the Night flower (her bloom is as big as my head). She shared her euphoric perfume with me while I wrote and recorded the new song ‘Poison in the Air’. This flower is a hallucinogen and poisonous for some and only blooms at night—the perfect Goth flower.” – Margot Day

Of the song “Dream Curve” Margot says, “We are on this new dream curve, bravely traversing today’s shifting cataclysm. We are dream weavers, interwoven”.

The lyrics for “Heart to Bloody Heart”, speak for themselves: “We’re together for a reason in this dystopian killing season, feed me your fantasies they taste like honey and wine, our hearts of alchemy bleeding for the divine…I won’t fall apart if you hold me heart to bloody heart”.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the club dance remix of “Love in the Wreckage” from Xris SMack! (Mindswerve). “Kiss kiss kiss love love love in the wreckage…betwixt and between under the changing moon”.

The Story Behind Metamorph

Margot founded the Goth Rock band Metamorph in 2016 after she had a miracle healing and felt summoned to make more music (see her healing journey documentary on Youtube). Metamorph is a musical entry into other dimensions via song and dance, a vortex of melody and throbbing rhythms capable of awakening human potential. Margot Day’s multi-range vocals and mastery of the flute entwine with multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight, casting a spell on their Metamorph releases “Sigils & Spirals” (2020), “Ether” (2017), and “The 4 Elements” (2017).

She has over 100,000 views on the Metamorph YouTube channel–featuring the music videos “Daisy Logic” and the prophetic “Spelldance”.

Metamorph’s tuning is A=432hz—Nature’s frequency. Live concerts and festivals with Metamorph (and their tiny mascot Melody) have been played in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Metamorph concerts are ritual, theatrical, magical, and danceable. These events include performances as a duo as well as a full band featuring Margot Day, Kurtis Knight, drummer Joe Netzel, and sword and belly dancer Rivqah Cas.

Metamorph is “music for morphing”, inviting the listener to welcome change and “become the wave, the witch, the butterfly, the pirate, the phoenix…”.

Margot Day, Metamorph 2022

What is the inspiration for your music?

“I am inspired by nature magic, other dimensions, and mystical experiences. And impressed by the musicians that are part of this album, especially the Metamorph Alchemist Erik Gustafson (Cleopatra Recording artist of Adoration Destroyed). And I am thrilled to include remixes by Xris SMack! (Mindswerve) and Spankthenun.”

Margot Day, Metamorph 2022

What challenges have you faced as an Artist?

“Yes. Of course. I am frustrated by the tiny budget I must work with that sadly must compete with the major artists in the “big music biz”. And then for music promotion, I must keep up with the algorithms of the various platforms so I can get the word out. It’s a job for a massive team of talented techy people. I am grateful that so many people are listening to Metamorph despite the challenges. And it’s the independent writers and bloggers that help get the word out. Thank you.”


What are your future goals with your music?

“To save the world with a song.”

Margot Day, Metamorph 2022

What projects are you working on now?

“I am working on some new songs to be produced again by Erik Gustafson. EP drop with remixes early in 2023. The plan is to play clubs and festivals again in 2023.”

Tell us about your favorite instruments/studio setup info.

“I built myself a portable studio and went deep into the jungle in the tropics, and in the forests of Vermont, and recorded Metamorph’s Kiss of the Witch. It was so awesome to let the mystical magical vibes merge with my music. Love it!”


A Message from Margot Day

“Follow and share…and share…and share…”


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