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by Acacia Carr / September 1st, 2022
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Doll Klaw 2022

Doll Klaw

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Artist Bio

Doll Klaw is the solo music project created and composed by Mexican-American Los Angeles native musician Jessica Caro. As Jessica is evolving, so is her music. Always inspired by empowerment but lately drawing in inspiration from Electronic music, R&B and Pop music, you can expect to see recurring new single releases from this artist. Ms. Caro has just begun to scratch the surface.

Doll Klaw 2022

Doll Klaw’s music has influences of New Wave and Electronica and yet it is a style all her own. This is an artist that knows how to set a mood, as her deeply personal lyrics are often enhanced by her fiercely edgy visuals. As her music evolves, so does her visual style.

“Inside” – Music Video by Doll Klaw

This video for “Inside” was one of my first introductions to her music and it’s still a song I return to again and again for its melancholic yet somehow sweetly addicting sound.

“Music Fest” – Available via Spotify (Released July 2022)

Doll Klaw’s latest release “Music Fest” is pure joy in pop form. Defying expectations for what a song about love song should sound like, Doll Klaw breaks the paradigm of the broken-hearted with a super catchy message of strength and realization in the face of a relationship’s end. Listen for yourself but be forewarned, you may not be able to stop.

Doll Klaw 2022

What challenges have you faced as an Artist?

“People believing I’m more than just a singer, than I’m a whole ass musician that writes my music. I’ve been approached after my performances to be ‘congratulated’ on how good I was only to get asked who makes my music, SEVERAL times. And just to throw it out there.. it was always men who did this. ”

Indeed Ms. Caro is rare in an industry where only 20% of performers are female, 12% of songwriters are female, 11% are Latino/Hispanic, and a shocking mere 2% of music producers are female. Her very presence as a Latina in the music industry takes strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. The fact that she happens to be a wildly talented singer, songwriter and full package creative will not go unnoticed. Expect to see big things from this bold and innovative artist who represents a fresh new take on electronic music as an art form.


What are your future goals with your music?

“Release more music, connect with more people, and go on tour.”


What projects are you working on now?

“I’ll be playing at Molly Malone’s on 9/09, and on 9/10 I’ll be playing in San Luis Obispo!”


A Message from Doll Klaw

“Follow me on Spotify! Share my music, tell your friends about my music, add me on playlists and attend my shows!”


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