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by Acacia Carr / November 18th, 2022
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Osunlade 2022


Get to know Osunlade of Yoruba Soul and Yoruba Records


Artist Bio

Osunlade is the founder and CEO of Yoruba Records. Founded in 1999, the label has been on the forefront of deep, afro and soulful house. With 14 studio albums and countless compilations, releases and remixes, Osunlade has carved his own space in the independent music scene.


“MOSS Pt 3 (My Luva)” (Official Video, 2021)

“Dionne” – Osunlade (Official Video, 2021)

Do you have any favorite instruments in your collection?

“Fender Rhodes or Wurlitzer are my favs, but drums and bass are prominent in my arsenal as well.”

What are your future goals?

“Wake up smarter, making better choices, healing those not so wise and expressing them with sound.”

What projects are you working on now?

“Lots of new releases on the label next year, but I’m currently focused on a documentary I’ve co produced during the pandemic on how the moment affected my peers of DJ/producers.”

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“Many! But none that interfere with creativity, mostly life changes, etc. Today’s challenge is the vinyl manufacturing situation. It’s really hard for the little guys that have held up the industry now that the majority have discovered the wealth in the format.”

What is the first rave/techno/edm/dance concert you went to?

“I didn’t grow up in the rave scene, here in St. Louis its mostly live bands and musicians, to date there’s no club culture. My first real club experience was around 1996 in New York going to the parties Louie Vega, Joe Claussel, Ron Trent and the likes were playing.”

What do you think about the current state of dance music?

“I think its at the highest point ever, however in the worst state musically but that’s across the board. With more technology there’s more of less talented people with decent skills creating today’s music. As well the level of knowledge and appreciation of all things are the at the lowest vibration so the state of dance music and all music suffers. That being said there’s never been a time when a DJ was greater than the rock star!? Says a lot in itself…”

Is P.L.U.R. alive and well or is it just a part of the past?

“In the more intimate situations most definitely. When the people are there for the music, the experience is created as opposed to the light show greater than the music.”

Do you think electronic music has become too commercialized?


What do you think the future of raving will be?

“Judging on today’s state, I can’t see it getting smaller on one side but I cant see it getting bigger without it being totally more ridiculous.”

Is dance music important and why?

“To many yes, it’s important I think because it’s free in its essence. If u can find your space and ride the motion, it heals.”

What is the real meaning of P.L.U.R. to you?

“Connecting with the people.”


A Message from Osunlade

“My fans are truly a tribe! They support me in every way, from buying the music to coming to a show to subscribing on Twitch, also buying merch. It’s wonderful to have the support and actually have a relationship with those that help. I’d prefer no other way. It’s organic.”


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