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a fun-loving electro duo from Ulm

Artist Bio

Funkwelle is a talented and fun-loving electro duo from Ulm, Germany. Formed by German Artists Isabelle and Viktor, Funkwelle’s unique style of synth-driven Popmusik takes cues from the lighter, Nu Disco side of Synthwave and fuses it with some serious Funk à la Kraftwerk or Daft Punk. This energy is highlighted by Isabelle’s gorgeous crystalline vocals and contrasted against a background of monotonous robotic voices. This is seriously fun electronic music created with the help of analog synthesizers. Those Disco vibes combined with the duo’s German lyrics and funky baselines are designed to make their audience dance. A live electronic band, Funkwelle also performs as a DJ Duo in venues across Europe.

“Self-Driving Car
(Funkwelle meets the Next Level Ulm)”

It was the video for “Self-Driving Car” that first acquainted me with Funkwelle. Their sunny disposition, cheerful peach color palette, and catchy beats immediately caught my eye and ear. I love the Disco vibes here and the dancers’ choreography as well. The LED dancers’ sequence is a tasteful nod to Funkwelle’s musical heroes and helps keep the mood tied to a legacy of electronic music which they are both helping to preserve and to evolve with their work.

“Schwerelos – Live Version”

Once I heard Funkwelle’s Synthwave-influenced single “Schwerelos”, I was hooked and knew that I had to help introduce them to the Mythic Rhythmic community.

“Schwerelos” is the German word for “Weightless”. When I listen to this song, it calls to mind an out-of-body experience I once had where I was floating through the Cosmos, at one with a cosmic consciousness, watching the Universe unfold infinitely in all directions from a central point of origin within my own mind, from everywhere around me, and also from the pure Dark Matter of nowhere and nothing at the same time. The arrangement of synths in this hot Euro bop is both brooding and dynamic, providing a nice contrast to Isabelle’s softly ethereal vocals.

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“Our role models are Kraftwerk and Daft Punk. We love Discofunk, Electronic Dance, and Synthwave tracks. Our outfits are glittery and pink and we enjoy bringing dancers with us on the stage.”

Editorial artwork by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic / Copyright © 2023

What kinds of upcoming projects are you working on?

“Our next big gig is in Ulm on the Ulmer Zelt Stage. We are opening up for the German band Ätna.”

A Message from the Artists

“You can Follow us on social media and stream our music on your favorite streaming service.”

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