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Marie Nyx

get to know DJ and Producer Marie Nyx, Co-Founder of Delusional Records


Artist Bio

As one of the premiere DJs in Los Angeles and DJ Mag’s “Six Acts Popping Off” in November 2021, Marie Nyx has an unmatched ability to adapt to the wants and needs of any dance floor without sacrificing her infectious, apparitional style. Marie’s early influence of Post Punk, New Wave, and indie/alternative Dance has inspired her sound to be raw, dark and synth heavy, with a driving groove. Marie has been recognized for her revered DJ sets at the Mixmag Lab LA and weekly underground club series Clinic Wednesdays, as well as notable bookings with 6am Group and Fngrs Crssd, where she’s played in direct support of acts such as Camea, Pleasurekraft, Dubfire, and Nastia. 

In 2021, Marie co-founded her own hypnotic imprint, Delusional Records, with fellow producer and live artist Maude Vôs. The fundamental goal of the label is to revive the roots of dance music culture by releasing timeless, hard-ware driven pieces of work created by an inclusive roster of artists, who are primarily LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and female. Marie’s debut EP “Elysium” (Delusional’s 5th release) sat at the top of the Beatport charts for several days as the #1 Techno (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic) release. Since then, the label has been featured in SPIN Magazine, Insomniac Radio, EDM Maniac, and more.

“Ascending” (Marie Nyx Remix)

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“My inspiration and favorite artists change often because I love so many types of music, but typically it all stays in the same realm of dark, gritty, and synth heavy sounds. A few artists that got me into Electronica as a teenager that I still love today are The Faint, Crystal Castles, and Ladytron. Recently I’ve been very inspired by and quite obsessed with Minimal Wave, Post Punk, EBM and Darkwave. My current favorite artists are Minuit Machine, Sextile, Boy Harsher, Rein, and Panterah (formerly Fee Lion).”

Do you have any favorite instruments in your collection?

“I have been mostly drawn to using Max for Live software synthesizers recently in the studio. My go to is the Bass Synth, which is a monophonic virtual analog synth with five oscillators. I’ve been using this to create thick bass sounds and plucky lead lines. I recently got the Erica Synths LXR-02 Drum Machine Synth and am currently learning it. It will definitely be my favorite studio piece once I master the instrument!”

Marie Nyx © Copyright 2022


What are your future goals?

“A future goal that I have is to create my own niche community within the electronic music industry that will be a safe, inclusive space for all artists. I have begun working toward this goal by starting Delusional Records with Maude Vôs, which is our record label that highlights LGBTQIA, female/non-binary/GNC, and BIPOC Producers. Some future plans for the label include putting on showcases to promote our artists, releasing a 2 Year Anniversary Compilation with artists from around the world, and traveling to music conventions to expand our network and grow the community. My goals for 2023 include booking 5-10 gigs in new cities and countries, releasing music on two labels other than my own that share a similar ethos, and playing at least two major festival sets.”

What projects are you working on now?

“I recently have been focused on finishing music in the studio. I plan to release my second EP in early 2023 on Delusional and will release a single on two other labels’ compilation albums. I will be playing a set next month in Los Angeles for an upcoming Delusional Records showcase.”

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“I have faced many challenges in the music industry, but the most challenging has been trying to break through a male dominated industry as a female artist. It has been challenging to often times be the only female and/or queer person on the lineup, which makes me feel like I am booked to perform as the diversity hire. I have to overcome these feelings often and remind myself that I am getting booked because I have talent. While there has been progress in diverse lineups and more female/non-binary presence in the industry, objectification, sexualization, sexual harassment, and misogynistic promoters/staff are issues that all of us still face. Some examples of this are getting cat-called while performing, hit on by promoters, offered lower fees, or getting accused of being ghost produced by male producers if you put out a hit track.”

“While I’m hopeful of change in the future, all of this makes it very challenging to not become jaded on choosing this career path, however, every time I get on stage I’m reminded why I love what I do and why I choose to continue to push through.”

Marie Nyx © Copyright 2022


Marie Nyx © Copyright 2022


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