Introducing Resin Sun

by Acacia Carr / February 28th, 2022
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Will and Cassandra of Resin Sun

Resin Sun

finding beauty in the darkness

Today I’d like to introduce you to the enigmatic, psychedelic, one and only…Resin Sun. I first discovered their haunting and thought provoking music and artwork on Instagram in 2021. Their style is definitely unique and yet carries the torch for an earlier era in which times were simpler, so I’m pleased to feature them here for you today, dear reader.

Husband and wife duo Will and Cassandra have been writing music together for over 15 years. Resin Sun originated from the deserts of Arizona and now resides in the corn state of Iowa. They and their style have evolved in time, but many elements have stayed true: dirty guitars, dark synths, and a message. These two have crafted the perfect combination of hard hitting vocals mixed with haunting melodies. Inspired by music from a better time in their youth and visions from another realm, their music has a way of making you feel something. There is nothing technical about how they write and play, it’s simply a culmination of what they like and enjoy themselves.

Will has been a practicing musician since the age of 17 teaching himself to play guitar, bass, keyboards and eventually producing his own work. His vocals bring high energy and chaos into the mix. Cassandra is a self-taught vocalist with a passion for singing from a young age. She also contributes to the synth arrangements and production of their songs as well as creates all of the artwork and videos for their music.

“Solar Spirits” – Artwork by Cassandra of Resin Sun



They are inspired by music that means something to people, music that has an emotional connection from the musicians to the listener. They share a passion for the 90s which can only be understood by those that have experienced it. A better time, a different world and a more genuine approach to music. The fight between good and evil, magick, dreams and experiences have all inspired them to share a message with the listener.

Resin Sun is influenced mostly by early Industrial and New Wave music of the 80s and 90s.

-Skinny Puppy
-Front Line Assembly
-Soft Cell
-The Smiths
-Sisters of Mercy

What challenges have you faced as a band?

Challenges we’ve faced have mostly been time and finding our audience. It’s hard for us to fit into a specific genre, but people that share similar tastes and appreciation usually gravitate towards our music. As for time, we don’t have much available for marketing and an online presence. The little time we do have is solely for writing/producing music as well as creating the artwork.

“Blazed” – Artwork by Cassandra of Resin Sun

What are the future goals for Resin Sun?

Our future goals include completing our second full length album and eventually playing for a live audience.

“The Eye” – Artwork by Cassandra of Resin Sun

How can your fans best support you?

Fans can best support us by listening on any streaming platform, purchasing merchandise from our shop and sharing with us any real connection they have with our music.

Resin Sun

Please show some support for Resin Sun by following their accounts and listening to their music. Independent artists rely on the support of the music community. You can actually make a difference in an artist’s life and career by showing your support in these ways!

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