J. Vybe

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J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024

J. Vybe

Artist Bio

J. Vybe is an independent, lyric driven, conscious style Hip Hop artist from Northshore, Massachusetts. His music focuses on delivering complex flow patterns and rhyme-scheme, while at the same time conveying an uplifting, and inspiring message to his listeners.

J. Vybe is also a drummer playing with the band Not Bad Pretty Good, as well as The Julian Mendoza Project. Between his solo hip hop career and drumming, he is currently playing shows all over New England. Growing his music career, one fan at a time.

J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024
J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024

How and when did you first get introduced to Hip Hop?

“The first Hip Hop song I had heard was “Without Me” by Eminem. It was on the radio while I was riding in my Mom’s car when I was probably 7 or 8. I was hooked immediately and my mom was unsure about it lol It quickly became my favorite genre. My parents were big into Country, Folk, and Classic Rock, so it was hard for them to accept it.”

How would you describe your personal and creative evolution as a Hip Hop Artist?

“It has taken a long time to get where I’m at now…to have the confidence and understanding of the craft and how I want to approach it. I started writing in 7th grade during school when I couldn’t pay attention, and I didn’t touch a mic until about 10 years later. I had been writing consistently all the time and knew I wanted to hone my pen game before I started really getting into making tracks.”

“It took me a long time to find my voice and feel comfortable with it. But I’m at the point now where I feel I know exactly how I want to approach certain songs and what I want my brand to be. Uplifting, soul-driven Hip Hop.”

“Break Free feat. Ariano – Official Music Video” – J. Vybe

Please take us behind the scenes when producing a track from start to finish. Do you start with words or beats first, and how does the track evolve?

“It can definitely vary. Sometimes I’ll be going about my day and have an idea for a song just based off of an interaction or a thought I may have out of the blue. Other times I will frequently put a beat on and just start writing what comes up with no agenda or intention. A lot of times I’ll write and record a track that I don’t necessarily intend on releasing, just for the sake of getting my thoughts and feelings out in a creative way. It’s a healing process and sometimes you get something special that comes out of that.”

“Tell Me Where To Go Ft. Robbie Rowe and K8E-B” by J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024

Is collaboration an important aspect of your work or do you prefer to work alone? Please tell us about any memorable collaborations if so.

“I think it’s extremely important to work with others. It allows you to see the creative process and writing styles of other Artists and it challenges you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and grow. I thoroughly enjoy working with others and always love learning new techniques or ways to go about it. I have a lot of projects or tracks I’ve worked on with other artists that I’ve been lucky to get the chance to do. For example, I just finished up an album with Ariano and we are working on getting things prepared for a release later this year. I’ve also been collaborating with Robby Rowe who is one of my best friends and the guitarist in my band. We just released a track together called ‘Tell Me Where To Go ft Robby Rowe and my fiance, K8E-B’. I’ve worked with Rebecca Irene who co-wrote my debut single “Karma” with me. Analogical Da Poet and I did a track together called “Downfall” which also features Rebecca Irene. There are many others I’ve worked with and am grateful I’ve gotten the opportunities to be around such talent”

“Thoughts Are Things” (Official Video) – J. Vybe

How do you approach lyricism in your work? What themes or stories do you like to explore?

“Since I was writing for about 10 years before I ever touched a mic, t was really important to me to be as polished as possible. Lyricism is my favorite element of Hip Hop and is what drew me in, in the first place. I still write almost every day, sometimes with no intention of recording, but for the sake of mastering the craft, and just to help with my own mental clarity. In my personal opinion, lyricism should be the top priority in Hip Hop.”

Chain Reaction by J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024

How does your music translate to a live setting?

“I started performing at live shows not too long ago. I had my first show in May of last year and have done about a few dozen shows now. I was very nervous at first, but once I did my first show, I was addicted. I absolutely love being able to perform my original songs in front of others, especially people who share the same passion I have for this.”

“I wasn’t sure how my songs would be received, and if I’d be able to do them the justice they deserved but since I started I have seen a lot of success and seem to always get a good reaction. I try to always remember to engage with the crowd and keep them involved. I’ve made so many good friends and connections through these shows and that might be my favorite part.”

J. Vybe / Copyright © 2024

What do you hope people take away from your live shows?

“I want people to feel inspired and feel that no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you are…if you have a passion, you should chase it because it could change your life!”

“In my music, I am always trying to leave a good message and have an uplifting undertone that resonates with my listeners. I want to help spread love and raise the collective vibration. There is a lot of darkness, hate, fear, etc in mainstream music, and I always wanted to be a counter to that and put out music that is uplifting and help people feel like things will be okay and you can do anything in life if you believe in yourself, even when others may not, or you feel they don’t.”

“Don’t Fade Away ft @Arianomusic (Official Music Video) – DOLORES

Do you use your music as a platform for social or political commentary? If so, what messages are important for you to convey?

“At times I do. I try to be very careful with what I’m saying and very intentional with the words I choose and what I write about. There is clearly so much going on in the world right now, and everyone has different opinions on what they think is right. I try not to go too far with my opinions, because I don’t always know the truth and don’t want to push my ideas on others like that. However there’s definitely a lot going on in the world that deserves to be touched on. And I know that the origins of Hip Hop and Emcees are rooted in challenging the system and speaking up for what you believe is right, which I absolutely do in all of my music. You just need to be smart about how you go about it is how I feel.”

J. Vybe on drums / Copyright © 2024

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