Jeremy Jones

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Jeremy Jones AKA LAWDVIOLA / Copyright © 2024

Jeremy Jones

part man, part machine

Artist Bio

Meet Jeremy, a multi-faceted musician who seamlessly blends the soulful melodies of his voice with the intricate sounds of his viola and the pulsating beats of his drum machines. His innovative approach to music has led him to create a sound that is uniquely his own, drawing inspiration from soul, electronic, and rock to create an unforgettable experience for his listeners.

Jeremy Jones AKA LAWDVIOLA / Copyright © 2024


“I am working on new music and hoping to have an EP out by Fall 2024! After that videos and live show dates will follow.”

Inspiration for your music

“My inspiration changes a lot, but I’m always inspired by Thom Yorke and Radiohead. I also love what Miguel, Kimbra, and Thundercat do. I’m also constantly listening to underground electronic music…just those Soundcloud deep cuts you hear on TikTok. I’ve also been tapping into Iglooghost, A.G Cook, and JakoJako lately. And Doja Cat is dope!”


“My acoustic viola, my electric viola, elektron gear like Digitakt 2, Analog Rytm and Syntakt, Ableton Push 3, and FM synths. I really love the sound of an Erhu (Chinese violin) and want to get one! I also play some keys, guitar, and bass.”

 “Skittish” livestream performance by Jeremy Jones (AKA LAWDVIOLA)

What is the inspiration behind your Artist name?

Recently I’ve decided to have two artist projects! One is under my name Jeremy Jones and has been around for awhile – it has more of an alt. Soul, Pop, and R&B quality. My new project, LAWDVIOLA, is for electronic and experimental soul music – heavily inspired by Thom Yorke and Machinedrum. I would love to call it Glitch Soul someday lol. Since my instrument is viola and violin, I thought it would be cool to include it in the name. My friend Dion called me Lord Viola one time, and I thought I’d flip it to LAWDVIOLA!”

Can you please walk us through your creative process when making new tracks?

Lately I love making a song from a live jam and recording into a 2 track, then mixing it from there. Most of the time I get song and melody ideas from the jams, so I just record it all. Just pure live goodness from my gear and then throwing vocals and affected viola over it. I also work in Ableton, especially if I want a more complex arrangement. I just like mixing it up. But my gear process is the most fun!”

Is there a particular environment or setting that inspires your best work for music creation?

I think it’s fun to go to studios sometimes, especially in LA where there’s a ton. You also can get quality vocal recordings and some good content. But for me, nothing beats producing, writing, and recording out of your home studio. There’s just a comfort and familiarity here! I also can make myself some good food or an espresso without ordering out. But yeah, your environment is very important when creating. I try to keep my bedroom studio clean as much as I can, and get some palo santo or sage going. Also working out and taking long walks helps you tap into those ideas from the Universe as well!

Jeremy Jones AKA LAWDVIOLA / Copyright © 2024

How has your personal sound and style evolved over the years?

My first project under my name Jeremy Jones is more soulful and pop sounding, and vocally I was taking it there as well. But I’ve always been a student of music and went to school for it as well. I listen to everything under the sun and I truly mean everything. I think there’s something to be learned from pretty much all music, even things that are objectively bad! So I’m constantly shifting my inspiration at any given moment. I think that has made my style change over the years, at least in the tracks I have in the vault.”

“For this new project, LAWDVIOLA, I wanted to give myself the freedom to tap into something that’s a mixture of brash and beautiful, electronic and soulful, distorted and ambient. That’s the goal for this project at least. It helps me to separate my more mainstream side and more experimental side. So yeah, we’ll see how it goes!

What innovative techniques or equipment do you use in your music production? How do these tools help you achieve your unique sound?

I love my Elektron gear and letting my songs come from a performance with it. It feels like jazz: purely improvisational and spontaneous… like you’re capturing a moment. It also lets me incorporate my viola and violin in a unique way, through midi sequencing and using something like CV and semi modular gear to make unique effects for my viola.”

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

People always tell me my music is inspirational, and I love that. I want people to feel inspired to express themselves and create. There’s a lot of healing that comes from sharing your unique story through art.”

Jeremy Jones AKA LAWDVIOLA / Copyright © 2024

Can you share a pivotal moment in your music career that significantly influenced your sound and direction?

During the pandemic I really started listening to Jamaican Dub music, like King Tubby and Lee Scratch. My family is from Jamaica, but I was born in Brooklyn, New York, so I’ve always felt a bit distant from my family’s culture. I’ve always loved Dub music, but decided to really tap in. I got inspired when I realized that song structure can come from performance done in a live take, rather than meticulously producing every moment in a DAW. There’s a place for that too, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about doing it all at once. It turns your productions into an instrument – like how a guitar or piano is recorded in a song. This realization shifted my philosophy a bit and went on a sidequest to figure out how to do it. I came across some Artists already doing that and incorporating it into their live shows (Sam Dew, Moderat, and obviously always Thom Yorke) and wanted to learn from them and put my spin on it, with my viola and vocal effects.

Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or experiments you’re excited to share with your fans?

I’ve been working on my EP series Machines for some time. It’s taking a while because of life things and also learning how to mix and master the 2-tracks made with my new process. Also perfecting my live show has taken some time – but I finally feel ready I think!
I plan on putting out Machines Vol. 1 by fall 2024, possibly before that.

Jeremy Jones AKA LAWDVIOLA / Copyright © 2024

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