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Hello and Welcome~

Summer is here and we have the perfect hot jams to get your party started!

This Issue is all about Synthesizers and the artists who love them. Immerse yourself in the addictive cinematic surround sound of UK-based Synthpop trio Pensacola Mist; get to know the up and coming multi-instrumentalist, Canadian Electropop and Synthrock artist ISØBEL; take a subtly psychedelic trip as you dance Iridium with emerging Slovakian duo MonoPlastic; and hear the latest releases from yours truly, New Mexico based Indie Electronic artist and Trip Hopper extraordinaire, Acacia Carr.

We hope you enjoy the June issue of Mythic Rhythmic! Please stay tuned for more adventures in sound.


Acacia Carr

Artwork provided by the artists. All rights reserved and © copyright of the artists,
used by permission. Audio clip from “Horizon”, a new single by Pensacola Mist, 2022.
Animation created by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic, 2022.

June 2022

Issue 9

Get just What You Wish For with Pensacola Mist

Get just What You Wish For
with Pensacola Mist

Pensacola Mist are a UK based Synth-Pop trio known for their electric, larger-than-life energy, both in their music and on-stage performances which feature custom light shows. Featured on both BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing.

Mythic Rhythmic is a new Blog, music label, and creative studio run by Acacia Carr. This Blog features indie electronic music, venues, and events—highlighting hidden and emerging creative talents from around the world. Please join us in a journey of sonic discovery!

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