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“Did ya think?” by Lotti / Photo by David Rodriguez Album art by Kamilla / Copyright © 2024


Artist Bio

Lotti is a Filipina music Artist who creates modern yet timeless music influenced by Pop, R&B, and Soul. Her mission is to heal and transform through her music, reflecting her journey of self-discovery and growth. Lotti’s powerful and inspiring lyrics, combined with her unique voice, make her an Artist to watch in the music industry. Her music explores what it means to be free in this day and age, resonating with many and opening doors for her. Through her music, Lotti hopes to inspire and empower others to break free from their own limitations and live their fullest lives.

Lotti / Copyright © 2024

Studio Setup

“It changes each time! These days, I’ve been enjoying playing the drums! I never really played drums before in my life and now, all of a sudden, drumming Lotti is here! I’ve been enjoying starting songs with drum rhythms.”


“I am inspired by almost everything in my life~ but Lotti is a project where I dig deep in not only my own personal healing journey but also of the women around me. I am trying to find out through my music and being in this journey what it means to be truly free.”

“I am inspired by the greatest Classic Rock ballads–growing up in the Philippines I listened to a lot of Air Supply, The Carpenters, ABBA, Guns ‘n Roses & Queen-those records were always in the airwaves. I also listened to my Grandma’s favorite Artists such as Diana Ross, Olivia Newton-John, and Linda Ronstadt. As I’ve matured, I’ve found the sound of Sade, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu to be my most favorite.”

“Lemme Get This Str8” by Lotti / Photo by Anaiah Papaya / Album art by Aaron Woo / Copyright © 2024

“Lemme Get This Str8” – Lotti (Official Video)

Is collaboration an important aspect of your work or do you prefer to work alone? Please tell us about any memorable collaborations if so.

“I love collaborating with people I trust and respect. I think collaboration is key in producing and putting out great music this day and age. I like to work alone, usually when I’m trying to figure out lyrics to a song, or when I want to hone in on the story of what I’m trying to say.”

How do you approach lyricism in your work? What themes or stories do you like to explore?

“To me, lyrics is a gift from beyond. The lyrics to my songs usually come from the heart, less from my brain. I usually would freestyle, free-sing over a chord progression or a beat, and all of a sudden, words are coming out of my subconscious onto the mic.”

“I love exploring themes of identity. Themes of love and loss. Losing not only another person but a version of yourself. I love singing about finding peace and healing through the pain.”

Lotti / Copyright © 2024

What do you hope you’re audience takes away from your shows?

“I want my audience to take away that they can do whatever the hell they want to do if they put a lot of effort in it! I want them to feel that they are not alone and that they are seen and loved and supported.”

“Did Ya Think?” (Lotti’s Tiny Desk 2024) – Lotti

Do you use your music as a platform for social or political commentary? If so, what messages are important for you to convey?

“Absolutely both. Music is the greatest catalyst for change and empowerment. I want to express over and over again that we are not limited by genres, or stereotypes or how people see us. And we shouldn’t let them!”

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