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MC Slader


Artist Bio

Aaron Marcus Tenorio also known as MC Slader born October 17th, 2001, is an indigenous Emcee of Kewa Pueblo, New Mexico. Kewa Pueblo (formerly known as Santo Domingo Pueblo) is a Native American reservation located in the Southwest.

Slader has been rapping since the age of 16 and since then has developed an enormous love and admiration for the community and his craftsmanship. He hopes to inspire and uplift others through his music. Hoping to leave the world a better place, he aims to create movement through his music.

“Watch Over Me”

“Love Yourself”

Album art for Love Yourself by MC Slader / Copyright © 2023

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“J. Cole, Big Pun, Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D., Def-I, Wakeself, Kbenally & Letsjusb, Token, Merkules, Frosty, Neighborhood Kids, and Indigenous Cats. There are so many more, but it’s pretty much impossible to list them all.”

MC Slader and Kaos (From left to right) / Copyright © 2023

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“I think the challenge I faced so far with this music was working with difficult people. Not everyone sees things the same way as you and that’s completely fine. However, I think it’s very important to surround yourself with good people whose visions align with yours. I’ve been put down, ripped off, and even scammed. In spite of these challenges, I’ve remained positive. It has given me the ability to work under pressure and have a professional mindset with whatever I am doing. Every challenge is there for a reason. So embrace them. You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish.”

MC Slader, March 2023 / Photo by Acacia Carr, Copyright © 2023

What are your future goals?

“My goal is to become a full-time artist. I want to see as much of this world as I can. I want to continue the energy vibrations right now. I plan on expanding my catalog and giving more of myself to my supporters. I plan on building a team to further my outreach. Learn as much as I possibly can. Perfection doesn’t exist but I definitely plan to work on my craft and become one of the best to ever exist.”

MC Slader and crew at the Kasmin Show in March 2023 / Photo by Acacia Carr, Copyright © 2023

What kinds of upcoming projects are you working on?

Music Video for the song “Changes” by MC Slader Prod. by Kaos
Single called “Watch Over Me” by MC Slader & Ariano
Music Video for the song “Watch Over Me” by MC Slader & Ariano

What Does Hip Hop mean to you and how do you reflect that in your music?

“Hip Hop is more than a genre, more than a ‘popping’ song. It’s a culture. To me, Hip Hop means love, movement and inspiration. It’s creating space for everyone. Hip Hop is self-empowerment and growth. It consists of a community of DJs, MCs, B-Boys & B-Girls, and Graf writers.”

“There are many elements in Hip Hop and I’m honored to be a part of it. I am an MC which means I rap. When I first started rapping, it was an outlet for self-expression. When I started to experience love and growth I began to write music for others in the hope of giving them the same love that I was receiving. I soon used my platform to call out unfair systems and demand change. There was a point in my music where I started to write for others more than myself. I realized that I am part of something much larger than myself so I decided to embrace the never-ending quest to gain as much knowledge as possible. I used my experiences to create music that everyone can resonate with and or gain a new perspective.”

“When I was younger I struggled with self-acceptance and self-love. Hip Hop really was the perfect thing for me. I never thought that I would be able to effortlessly convey my thoughts and feelings. It has proven effective for me. I would love to give back to Hip Hop as much as it has given to me.”

“I was on a tour recently performing for kids on different reservations from the To’Hajiilee Community School on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico to as far as Chimewa Indian School in Salem, Oregon. I grew up on a reservation so I know the certain challenges that Native youth face. Before I agreed to the tour I was asked to write a song for the kids, and that’s when I wrote: ‘Love Yourself’. It was originally written for the tour, but I soon realized that it was a message that resonated with all.”

“I released ‘All Love Everywhere’ in response to how well ‘Love Yourself’ was received. ‘All Love Everywhere’ is a positive affirmation to not only love yourself, but accept parts of yourself, and let go of what’s holding you back from what you’re destined to do. When I fully accepted that, I was able to write ‘Changes’ another song written with affirmation and confirmation. I released it early this year.”

“I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I have so much left to give. I have so much gratitude for hip-hop. In some ways, I feel like this was what I was meant to do. We’re all born with feelings for a reason and there’s so much more to life than just simply existing. We’re all humans with a purpose and a message. I think I reflect that through my music.”

A Message from the Artist

“On a local level, I would say to come through to these events that I am performing at. I’m confident enough to say that you’ll have a blast. I do have merchandise so that too will definitely help me out. I have social media, so if you’d like to, I’d ask you to follow me on all platforms. Interact with my posts and start conversations & definitely stream my music. I have music on all platforms so yes, check me out.”

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