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Mia Loops

with love from Santiago de Chile

Artist Bio

Mia Loops is a composer, visual artist, musical producer and sound engineering student.

Born in Concepción, Chile, she now lives in Santiago de Chile. This Artist has developed an interesting electronic sonic experience inside a pop structure which she maintains on her songs. Since 2020, Mia Loops has positioned herself on the Electropop underground scene in Chile. Her debut album ODISEA ESPACIAL is a 9-track oddity, an immersive sonic video game in which she presents a cosmic and psychedelic trip through space, LSD, and the Internet. Her project includes several interconnected videos and form part of her space odyssey. Mia Loops is currently working on a second album and a national tour to promote her debut.


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I’m still trying to decide what my next album is gonna be like. I’ve been fighting myself for over a year now about it, so I’ve been working on songs and I hope to release a few new versions of some of the songs in my debut album as I simultaneously work on the first singles for my second album.”

“We’re also preparing the second part of our national tour for spring, and preparing a lot of videos for the upcoming months.

Inspiration for your music

“Psychedelia is very inspiring for me, as well as the Internet. Currently Japanese culture and Anime have become very inspiring for me as well. In Chile it is almost winter so I spend a lot of time in my bed watching anime and being chronically online.”

Favorite instrument

“My computer!”

“BABY! (Official Music Video)” – Mia Loops

What is the inspiration behind your Artist name?

Actually I gave myself this name when I was 8 years old! I didn’t really like my name because they usually call my Mom by that name. I wanted to have a name that could be more like a pop star’s name like Hannah Montana so I decided I would call myself Mia because if you took two letters out of my real name ‘Mirla’ that’s what you end up with. Then I had to choose a last name and one day my dad came home with ‘Loops’, a sour gummy candy that I really liked and I thought well what about ‘Mia Loops’? Since then I make everybody call me that.

“ODISEA ESPACIAL 宇宙旅行 (Official Music Video)” – Mia Loops

Can you please walk us through your creative process when making new tracks?

My process is kind of chaotic. I’ve made so many songs just singing in the shower or while I’m cleaning my kitchen. Other times I just sit for like three hours with my keyboard or my guitar and try different chord progressions and start humming and writing things. After that I moved on to the computer and work in Ableton with VSTs and programming drums.”

“Last year my computer got stolen and since then I’ve been working a lot on my phone’s GarageBand, where I compose and produce a little, then I export and continue on a borrowed computer I have now. I try to be consistent on the musical production part but for composing I only do it when I feel like it. Usually I just wait a lot until an idea builds up in my mind and there always comes a moment where I can’t wait any more and just sit by myself and let it out.

Is there a particular environment or setting that inspires your best work for music creation?

I love to work at night and at home. Lately I really like to work on my bed or in our tiny studio. I live with my partner and our house is sort of chaotic as there are a lot of books everywhere and props from our music videos. There are lots of paintings and drawings hanging on the walls, too.”

“I think the surroundings influence my artistic output a lot. I grew up in my Grandmother’s house and she had a very particular taste in decorating her home. There were lots of clocks, mirrors, weird lamps, and giant plants. I loved her house. My Mom’s house is also very beautiful and surrounded with color so my rooms are usually really colorful. I felt constantly inspired by those surroundings. I think it shows a lot in my music videos. I’ve always tried portraying those places I love.

Mia Loops / Copyright © 2024

How has your personal sound and style evolved over the years?

“I used to live in the south of Chile in a small city called Concepción. There’s a lot of nature and most days are very gray. I started my project playing at small places with a guitar and mostly I sang folk music but realized it was not really what I wanted. What I really wanted to do was to sing and play dancey electronic music so during the pandemic I learned how to use Ableton and started turning my folk songs into electronic tunes. It took me almost four years to complete my album. I really wanted to make a psychedelic electronic album that could portray my LSD trips.”

“While I was doing that I was composing Psychedelic Pop music inspired by bands like Melody’s Echoes Chamber and Mild High Club. Later I started getting really interested in Hyperpop and starting moving in that direction. Now I have ended up with a mix of it all, Hyperpop on one hand and Psychedelic Pop on the other. My second album will probably be something in between. I feel like moving to a bigger city has also made me mutate my sound a bit. I like more noisy things and there’s a lot of rage and energy in my melodies and lyrics.”

What innovative techniques or equipment do you use in your music production? How do these tools help you achieve your unique sound?

I don’t know if it’s really innovative but I work mostly with virtual instruments and technology in a very DIY way in the production process. And mostly I do everything with my computer and use all of the sound technology that the Internet can provide me with. I really love technology and I think it is bizarre how incredibly easy it is to access so much sound equipment today. I feel like if we ever went back to the ’60s and told a sound engineer that you can actually do all that from a computer, or a cellphone they would go insane.”

“I love this time of my music where all resources are right there! I like to think that instruments and hardware are just tools and is the Artist that has the capability of turning that into something special.”

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

“I hope that when they listen to my debut album ODISEA ESPACIAL they can feel the bizarreness of it all. I really wanted to portray the absurdity of the world, and how life is actually really weird. I really wanted to create an immersive experience through my little strange world and that they can imagine all of the landscapes and stages of this game.”

Mia Loops / Copyright © 2024

Can you share a pivotal moment in your music career that significantly influenced your sound and direction?

I guess when I first listened to Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band I realized that albums were not just loose songs…they could be a concept and a full work of art. I knew at that moment I wanted to be a musician and a producer because I loved every little sound there was on that record. Also I feel like it was very important to me to discover Grimes because it helped me to understand what it really was like making music as a music producer on your own project. I loved her sound and she really inspired me to learn Ableton. I feel like learning how to use Ableton and how to make music in it really changed my life because after that I literally dropped out of Psychology School and changed to Sound Engineering.

Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or experiments you’re excited to share with your fans?

Yes, lots! I’ve been working on like three albums in the past years, and they all sound very different. This year I’ll be releasing a lot of new versions of my debut album, a few collaborations I’ve been making with some artists I love, and also I hope some new songs by the end of the year.”

“I’ve been making an experiment of composing and producing an album entirely on my phone, but I don’t know if that will ever see the light of day…I guess it depends on how it turns out. Next year I’ll be releasing my second album and I’m really excited about it. I’m currently choosing the songs and starting to work on them.

Mia Loops / Copyright © 2024

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