Adri Vinchira – “Balloon”

Mar 17, 2023 | 0 comments


Adri Vinchira – Balloon

This second video-clip was shot in different locations, natural and urban ones.
We can follow the main character, going from the desert in Jordan to the crowded streets of Japan cities, meeting different people, walking around between real and imaginary spaces.

Director: Jonathan Pau (VISOLUME)
Edition and animations: Adriana Vinchira
Visuals: Jonathan Pau
Japan production: Yuuki Sato
Music composed by: Adriana Vinchira and Fabian Delorme
Lyrics: Adriana Vinchira
Music mastered by Dan D’Ascenzo

Recorded by: Benoit Lerat
Thanks to:
Mis nenis (Ines rojas y Andrea Alcoverro)
Yasmina Delorme
Chloe Pau
Cecile de Martelere
Boys and Girls from Tokyo and Kyoto
Love to JAPAN and JORDAN

I make up a story
You say oh oh oh
I give you the key
You don’t want to go home

It’s like a film
Like a clip
Like a big big trip

It’s like a film
Like a clip
Like a big big trip

It’s like a film
It’s like a clip
Like a big trip in a paper ship!

You have to move
It’s time for the moon
Make a nice fly, far with my balloon…
Weather it’s good,
the wind makes the groove
Play the track, take the path
Come to the woods!

I understood
that you are in my group
You can see the flash back
Back to the future
I’m not confused,
I travel with you
So make a plan, take a map
I’m in the mood!