Mythic Rhythmic Presents

Indie Electronic Radio

A new independent electronic radio show

Mythic Rhythmic is thrilled to announce our brand new indie electronic radio show, Mythic Rhythmic Presents. This new monthly radio show premiered on EU based Massive Radio in September of 2023 with 4 two hour episodes.

Each episode focuses on a different theme or electronic sub-genre and features indie electronic music Artists from around the world. From Synthwave to Hip Hop to House and beyond, we bring you the best fresh beats from around the world!

Mythic Rhythmic Presents is pleased to announce that all past and upcoming episodes will be hosted right here on Mythic Rhythmic Presents. Radio Episode 5 and Blog Issue 20-our annual Hip Hop theme-will be available in May of 2024. To be notified when new episodes are available, sign up for our monthly eNewsletter.