Adri Vinchira

Today’s featured music artist is Adri Vinchira and her new single “Màs Arriba” (August 27th, 2021).


Adri Vinchira

Adri Vinchira is a music producer, song writer, and visual creator. Born in Colombia, Adri was raised in Spain and is currently based in Belgium. Her unique music style combines elements of Synth Pop, Electro Rock, and Hip Hop. The vibes of her music are an explosive mix of art, fashion, and culture via addictive rhythms and colorful melodies.

Adri started her creative journey in mid 2000 as part of a Spanish Hip Hop label. She then turned to audiovisual production, embracing video art and sound art. Her work has been shown at venues such as Icarus Art in Toronto, Canada; Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria; Casa de Vacas in Madrid, Spain; Visualkontakt in Cluj, Romania; and START in Olbia, Italy.


A Turn to Electronic Music

After these projects, Adri turned her focus to electronic music, releasing an EP named “Balloon” as part of the duo Adri Vinchira and the Arrogant French Prick before finally setting off on her own venture as a solo music artist. Her solo music career is the culmination of all her different creative experiences, resulting in a visually rich and dynamic experience for her listeners.

Director: Jonathan Pau (VISOLUME)
Edition and animations: Adriana Vinchira
Visuals: Jonathan Pau
Japan production: Yuuki Sato
Music composed by: Fabian Delorme and Adriana Vinchira
Lyrics: Adriana Vinchira
Music mastered by Dan D’Ascenzo
Recorded by: Benoit Lerat

Directed by: Adriana Vinchira (VISOLUME)
Drawings, animation and edition : Adriana Vinchira
Music composed by: Adriana Vinchira and Fabian Delorme
Lyrics: Adriana Vinchira
Mixed by Fabian Delorme
Music mastered by Dan D’Ascenzo


“La Esfera”

Adri’s first single as a solo artist, “La Esfera(meaning The Sphere in English) was released on June 4th, 2021. With its clever mix of 80s soaked synthesizers and her signature vocal style, “La Esfera” places Adri in the company of such talents as M.I.A and Björk at the same time.

Adri Vinchura's La Esfera

Cover art for “La Esfera” by Adri Vinchira. June, 2021. Belgium.

Màs Arriba

Hot on the heels of her July release “La Esfera”, Adri’s latest single, “Màs Arriba” (August, 27th 2021), is a fun and well played fusion of Hip Hop and electronic vibes.

Màs Arriba” (which essentially means “higher” in Spanish) is also a phrase common here in New Mexico. During Fiestas, the call of “Arriba arriba” or “Mas arriba” can be heard as a rallying cry to party and to celebrate life. So naturally when I heard Adri’s song, it was this same type of no-nonsense energy to uplift that caught my ears.


Indeed between Adri’s hard hitting yet softly delivered vocals and the sexy backdrop of synth and hip hop beats, it’s hard to decide which I love more.

ADRI Vinchira con letras

Adri Vinchira. Summer, 2021. Belgium.

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