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Magazine cover by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic, 2022.

Hello and Welcome~

And just like that, it’s time to celebrate the 12th Issue of the Mythic Rhythmic Blog! With over a year in publication and 50 artists featured from around the world, what started as this music loving writer’s part time hobby has become a community within itself. I am grateful and humbled every day to be able to help bring these Artists the listeners and support they deserve. From the small acorn grows the mighty tree and I hope that this Blog and the Mythic Rhythmic community can continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

To help celebrate this milestone, we have a very special guest this month. Her 2003 hit with the group Motorcycle “As The Rush Comes” ushered in a new era in dance music and she continues to break through ceilings in the music industry today. We welcome Grammy Nominated Singer and Artist JES to the Mythic Rhythmic Blog. Learn about her inspiration, her latest projects, and her viewpoints on the state of Electronic Dance Music.

I wanted this Issue to be Extra for the 12th Issue, so I asked 6 other talented and amazing artists to share their thoughts on this month’s theme, “P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity and Respect): Rave Culture, Then and Now”. This marks the largest Issue of the Blog so far!

Explore thoughts on the culture of Electronic Dance Music and raving through the eyes of Afro House Artist and Founder of Yoruba Records, Osunlade of Yoruba Soul.

Find your chill with Producer, DJ, & classically trained multi-instrumentalist Jessica Fennelly of DateNite.

Meet Bay Area to Philly-based Producer and Artist Shai FM whose influences include House, Breaks, Ambient, Club, and more.

Step to it with the fresh new talent DJ Noofi from Finland who has released over 21 original singles and was featured on Spotify’s “Beats of Tomorow” Editorial Playlist with his hit single, “Break Away”.

Be inspired by one of LA’s premiere DJs and Beatport chart topping Artist, Marie Nyx. Marie is also a Co-Founder of Delusional Records, an imprint aimed at improving diversity within the music industry whose goal is to release timeless dance music that comes straight from the heart of dance music culture.

Get to know DJ and Producer e•motion who has just returned to the US after a successful tour in Europe including a recent set at Bloop London.

We hope you enjoy the November Issue of Mythic Rhythmic! Please stay tuned for more adventures in sound and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

Yours Truly,



Acacia Carr


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P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect):
Rave Culture, Then and Now

November 2022 / Issue No. 12

Mythic Rhythmic is a new Blog, music label, and creative studio run by Acacia Carr. This Blog features indie electronic music, venues, and events—highlighting hidden and emerging creative talents from around the world. Please join us in a journey of sonic discovery!

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