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Artist Bio

“I am a non-binary Mexican DJ and Producer based in Orange County, California. e•motion was born because I felt the need to start turning my emotions into music. It gave me a new understanding of who I was, my emotions, and how I felt about them. For years I have practiced sound healing in my meditations, which led me to want to keep making sounds outside of my practice and turn those sounds into something rhythmic and unique. I wanted to create something that both healed me and expressed who I am as a person.”

“e•scape w e•motion – 11.11.22” – Live at Bloop London

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“A lot of my sound is inspired by alien or futuristic themes in general. I always love to ponder things that are not of this world. The music I produce is heavily inspired by Synthpop, Darkwave, Techno, and Ambient music. I am a huge fan of retro or arcade type games, Atari and Sega games specifically inspired a lot of my mental image / sound for what I wanted to create as a musical artist when I first started. I love being a creative person and I make more than music, but I find that across all creations, my artistic inspirations are drawn from outer space, the energy that surrounds us, and all things ambient or ethereal. When I first began, the artists that inspired me to start producing music and pursuing my interest in DJing were people like Lebanon Hanover, Boy Harsher, TR/ST, No_4mat, Baltra, and Aerial Pink to name a few…”

e•motion at Bloop London © Copyright 2022


What are your future goals?

“A future goal of mine is to keep expanding my frequencies to different geographical locations on the planet, I wish to keep traveling and meeting like-minded people. My ultimate goal as an entrepreneur and artist has always been to open a club / event space that literally looks out of this world. Dreaming of making that business venture a reality was the driving factor that led me to begin experimenting with my own sound, I wanted to know what it would be like from the musicians’ perspective rather than just a business owner that wasn’t involved in the scene. I love the unity that music, especially dance music, has to offer. My dream space will be alien, queer, and retro-centric. While I wait for that dream to come true, I would love to just keep expanding my growth and experience as an artist, release more music and connect with similar DJs and producers! ”

What projects are you working on now?

“My favorite ongoing projects are my radio shows! I started with e•scape w e•motion in July 2021, I still do it every month along with my other show e•clipse. You can stay posted with my new mixes twice a month with e•scape w e•motion airing every second Friday of the month on Bloop London Radio and e•clipse airing every fourth Tuesday of the month on Shared Frequencies Radio. Other than that, as of right now, my calendar is free and open for any juicy gigs and collaborations! I am always game for new cities and faces – if anyone would like to contact me about playing in the future, please send me a direct message on Instagram.”

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“As a baby producer I struggled with even pondering how to get started with a song. I wasn’t good at categorizing genres and I had no idea what sound I was even aiming for, but after messing around long enough and using MIDI controllers I finally began making sound that was music! It opened my eyes to what type of person I was, it gave me a new introspective view and understanding. At the time I did not know many people around me that produced the same type of music I made so it took a lot of personal strength to put my music out there, I feared it was too different from the other things I heard people making. I struggled with fear of acceptance, because I was a very shy artist trying to come into a world of cool confident people that I looked up to. Nonetheless I started sharing my music on SoundCloud when I was 20 and it slowly but surely opened doors to meeting artists that were on the exact same wavelength as me.”

Eternal Star, the first album by e•motion © Cover art made by Cryptoid. Copyright of the artists and used by permission.


e•motion © Copyright 2022


What is the first rave/techno/edm/dance concert you went to?

“Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernardino was my first big rave. It was in 2019 and I went with my best friends. We camped there for the weekend, it was an amazing introduction to rave culture. Exploring the campgrounds and bonding with fellow like-minded humans was the most memorable part for me. Everyone was just hanging out and introducing themselves to others, friendly and eager to get to know each other. It was the first time someone gave me kandi and did the PLUR hand motions after we had a good meaningful conversation and understanding. The experience was very cute and heartwarming, it made me feel like a little kid trading bracelets again. It showed me how open people could be in that safe environment where peace, love, unity, and respect were the most important rules.”

What do you think about the current state of dance music?

“I think the current state of dance music is growing in popularity. I see many mainstream artists dipping their toes into more electronic music, which is amazing but it can also lead to many songs sounding either generic or the same. At the same time, it brings a bigger audience to the dance floors, which can inspire many different walks of life and therefore create more niches of the dance music community. The cycle lives on.”

Is PLUR alive and well or is it just a part of the past?

“I believe that PLUR is still alive and well, many people crave that safe environment of acceptance and celebration at music festivals. It is a fundamental part of the rave culture that I see living on for a while. Despite being a crucial part of the community, I do think that some scenes have lost touch with PLUR. I would say not all raves have the same sense of openness and love, and PLUR can definitely exist outside of raves, at clubs and small shows.”

Do you think electronic music has become too commercialized?

“In some ways yes, I do think that electronic music has become too commercialized, I usually stand by all creative works but sometimes it can sound a bit generic and mainstream. Right now, electronic music, especially EDM, are at a height and at times could be made to please the masses and trends. However, electronic music is so broad, creative, and eclectic that mainstream music will never touch some of the best or most respected types of electronic music.”

What do you think the future of raving will be?

“I think the raving community will only get better with age. The next generations of ravers will probably learn from the people before them and make improvements to things like sense of community, music, visuals, event planning, and more. I only see things getting bigger and better.”

Is dance music important and why?

“I think dance music is extremely important. I believe that dance music, no matter what genre or niche, should sound unique and genuine and bring people to get up and dance to their internal rhythm, to be joyful within themselves and with others. Music is unifying and healing, in a much more powerful way than words could ever serve. The core of my being is frequency, energy and music. I am grateful that some of those frequencies that describe me can be turned into song.”

What is the real meaning of PLUR to you?

“To me, the meaning of PLUR is when people come together to understand one another and just peacefully celebrate life and each other together with an open and transparent heart. Enjoying music in peace without judgement, letting loose and feeding that silly side of them that makes them happy. Respecting and loving the people around you for who they are, just as people.”

Can you share some highlights from your recent tour with us?

“My latest small tour in London was amazing, I was lucky to meet up with other DJs that I had been in contact with since the beginning of my DJ journey. I was particularly most excited to connect with DJ Oh See, the creator of a non-bianary and female led Collective called La Collectif. La Collectif was a huge part of my growth as a DJ, helping me start to build a community and find confidence. I love exploring Europe’s architecture and club scenes the most, it makes the USA seem bland. The events I saw at The Beams, Fabric, and Studio 338 that were amazing, I noticed they have a better visual touch to their shows. Along with partying there I also played a live set for Bloop London radio. I have been a resident for 11 months, usually doing a 2hr mix on their international channel but this time I came by to do it in the studio! It was a great experience traveling to London, connecting with friends and making new ones along the way.”

“My set for Bloop was streamed live, and is available to watch on Youtube live stream”

“It is also posted on Bloop London’s SoundCloud, find it under e•scape w e•motion 11.11.22.”

e•motion © Copyright 2022


A Message from e•motion

“Fans can help support me by checking out my website, universalemotion.biz, here you can listen to and purchase my album Eternal Star. My website also has my hand-made art pieces for sale, I have resin creations for sale as well as hand-poured soy candles, and pink e•motion merch buttons. I will happily ship anywhere in the USA. Another way to support me is to donate with the PaypPal button on my website or directly to paypal.me. Lastly, please listen to my DJ mixes as support! I am a resident of two radio stations, both Austin, Texas based Shared Frequencies Shared Frequencies and London, England based Bloop London. You can find links to previous shows under the radio tab on my website.”


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