Today’s featured music artist is Jamythyst with her new single “Pastel Colors”! (Released September 17th, 2021).

Jamythyst in her home recording studio, 2021


Jamythyst is an NYC-based electro-pop artist. She writes, produces, and performs all of her own music right in her home basement studio, in true indie musician form. Jamythyst’s style is both fresh and nostalgic in equal parts. Both her sonic palette and her fashion sense are inspired by the bold shapes and sounds of ’90s pop and freestyle music.

Jamythyst surrounded by some of her pop idols in a collage she made for International Women’s Day, 2021.

While the influence of artists such as Madonna, Prince, and Paula Abdul can be felt here, Jamythyst’s style is all her own: a sweet concoction of post-modern pop. From mini skirts to glitter eye shadow, she’s got The Look, too.

But don’t let the cheetah print and bubble gum allure fool you because at the center of Jamythyst’s music—wrapped in those big beats and fun vocals—is a solid core of female empowerment.

“Pastel Colors”

Released on Friday, September 17th on all major streaming services, “Pastel Colors” is a bright pop gem of a song. The spare electro drumbeats and sultry half sung, half spoken vocals at the beginning of the song cue the listener into a sonic dreamscape that is part late 80s/early 90s music video and part dance floor confessional.

Where Jamythyst’s singles such as “Melt My Face” and “Witches in the Woods” give me spooky vibes (in a good way), “Pastel Colors” is both playful and freeing yet hits its own sombre notes as well. The chorus,

I can’t help myself, I jump off the carousel every-time.
Getting dizzy on the pastel colors.

is irresistibly catchy. Clearly, the “carousel in the middle of the city” is a state of mind, the kind that inspires “Pastel Colors” in those who take a ride with this Pop Diva in the making.

Jamythyst is one of those rare artists who really knows how to use vocal effects to enhance her unique style without overwhelming her natural talent.

Sweet, slightly mysterious, and full of possibility…”Pastel Colors” is definitely worth a spin, and then another spin, and then another….

"Pastel Colors" by Jamythyst, September 17th, 2021

Cover art for the single, “Pastel Colors”. Artwork by Jamythyst. Released September 17th, 2021.

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