“Pink Cherry Corvette” (Remix)

by Acacia Carr / February 4th, 2022
From the Blog / February 2022 - Issue 1 of 2

Featuring the hot new Remix of “Cherry Corvette”, “Pink Cherry Corvette” will be here just in time for Valentine’s Day. Presave this single on Spotify now and be alerted via email as soon as it becomes live.

Pink Cherry Corvette

this is the sound of Synthwave

Agent Johnny Red (Travis Redman) is a synthwave musician, modern day poet, music artist and producer based in Maine, USA.

Agent Johnny Red - Official Logo

I first introduced you to Agent as a Featured Artist in 2021 with his album, Build the Future. Matt Hodges is a Melbourne-based Music Producer (@matthodgesmusic Instagram).


Today we have “Pink Cherry Corvette”, Agent’s remix of their original track “Cherry Corvette”. This song is a futuristic driving track about letting go of the past! Agent plans to release this single on February 11th, 2022. It’s a song for a loving couple to listen to and enjoy the moment together as they leave their past behind just as much as it is for a single person letting go of their old relationship! Either way, this track is a wild ride and Matt Hodges’ lead synths/piano are kept in their purity to represent the overall feeling of the nostalgia.


Agent Johnny Red and Matt Hodges

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