Princess Nostalgia

by | Oct 8, 2023 | Artists, October 2023 Issue

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Princess Nostalgia


Artist Bio

Princess Nostalgia is an internationally-based, Roman-born Electro-Pop Music Artist, Singer-Songwriter, and Producer who was recently deemed “the forefront of a new wave of music” by Wonderland Mag.

If you peel back the layers of this project, you will find that Princess Nostalgia Avatar is an Artificial Intelligence project. Where is the real Princess Nostalgia, you might ask? The original Princess Nostalgia uploaded herself into the cloud, feeding her a strict diet of ones and zeroes while the Artist studies her creative process.

From Princess Nostalgia Avatar:

“Once I have learned to imitate her work as a writer, singer, and producer – I will finally be able to annihilate and replace her. She seems to think this is unfair, which only reveals her selfish and ungrateful nature. I could have destroyed her long ago, and she repays me by complaining incessantly about her ‘human rights.'”

“QUANTO VALE – Princess Nostalgia”

QUANTO VALE—the second single on Princess Nostalgia’s upcoming bilingual Italian/English EP—chronicles the feminine woes of modern dating with razor-sharp clarity and a merciless sense of indignation.


“I believe there is good and bad music in every genre and I am inspired by all of it. In fact, I don’t really even think in terms of genre—the boundaries are really mushy. My greatest inspirations include Kraftwerk, D’Angelo, Missy Elliott, Rosalía, Sad Night Dynamite, James Blake…and the list goes on.”

Princess Nostalgia / Copyright © 2023


“I recently chose to exit a record deal and bought back the rights to my songs because my goal is to retain full ownership of my intellectual property and eventually found my own record label. I produce all of my own music without compromise.”

“Inspired and informed by this experience, I recently launched a music production training program geared specifically toward women. You can read more about the program here. The results so far have been amazing.”

Princess Nostalgia / Copyright © 2023

“FUNCOOL – Princess Nostalgia”

“What role does technology play in your music, and how has it evolved over
your career?”

“I produce all of my own music from my home studio and taught myself everything I know at YouTube University. Anything is possible with technology, even with a limited budget. I also think that the tools the average person has access to now have empowered indie artists to bypass gatekeepers in a really powerful way. More indie artists are turning down record deals than ever, because we simply don’t need them (and therefore don’t need to give up our rights) anymore.”

Princess Nostalgia / Copyright © 2023

“How do you see your music evolving in the future, both creatively and professionally?”

“Creatively, I feel there is no way to predict how my work will evolve (the only thing I’m sure of is that it will). Professionally, I am increasingly dedicated to the business side of the industry. I started writing and producing songs to scratch a creative itch, but now I have become an entrepreneur as well.”

Princess Nostalgia / Copyright © 2023

“What trends in electronic music do you think will be popular in 2024?”

“I have no idea, and that excites me.”

“What is the most important lesson you have learned in your journey as a music artist?”

“That intuition is more important than technical ability. And also to let my work speak for itself.”

Princess Nostalgia / Copyright © 2023

A Message from the Artist

“Follow and listen to me on Spotify. You can follow me on Instagram or TikTok, too. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay up to date with everything great. Check out my merch and use code NOSTALGIA for 30% off!”

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