Quote the Dark

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Quote the Dark

Artist Bio

Dark and uplifting, dreamy Alt-Pop, Indie-Rock, Electronica…Quote The Dark is a recent creation of wife and husband duo, West Coast travelers, and strange birds of a feather, Fable and Robert Anderson. Quote The Dark is a new project from the mountains of New Mexico which culminated in the shadows of the duo’s other full-time music venture—Half-A-Shipwreck—which features Girl-Power Americana.

Throughout the duration of Fable and Robert’s career as acoustic Artists they’ve long dreamed about creating a project like this: eclectic, electric, dance inspiring music fronted by thoughtful heart-hitting lyrics.

“Dark Star” by Quote the Dark / Copyright © 2023

“Dark Star” – Quote the Dark

Album Release

3 Singles from their debut album Unapologetic Magic are currently available on all major platforms, with more to follow leading up to the full album release on November 22nd, 2023. Notably, the band has created amazing music videos for every song on this album which are currently being released every 2 weeks. You can enjoy these videos on this duo’s YouTube Channel or on their website.


“Currently, we’re inspired by the Venn diagram as well as the intersection of dance inspiring electronic music production and the classical craft of songwriting.”

FABLE: “I wish Quote the Dark could be something like what an Everything But The Girl album (circa 1996-98) would sound like if Elliott Smith wrote the lyrics.”

“We have a great Spotify playlist we made of songs/artists who have inspired our debut album:”

>> Check out the Playlist on Spotify

Future Goals

“Our future music goals as a new band are to simply grow our audience and get our debut album and music videos into the ears, eyes, and hearts of those who will love and cherish them.”

“True Reality” by Quote the Dark Ft. Cleopache / Copyright © 2023

What do you think is the most important aspect in collaboration?

FABLE: “I believe the most important aspect of collaboration is trusting in the process and being open to collaborating which can sometimes be easier said than done. Actually being open to new ideas and critiques of your works in progress can feel vulnerable or even annoying. But if you trust the process, knowing that the outcome will be a superior piece of art that you couldn’t have made alone, it’s worth a bit of momentary discomfort.”

“Hiatus” by Quote the Dark / Copyright © 2023

Who are your favorite duos of all time and why?

“Everything But The Girl circa 1996-98. Their albums Temperamental and Walking Wounded are the inspiration for Quote The Dark. We’ve always wanted more albums like these two in the world and by trying to create the, Quote the Dark was born.”

“Tenacious D has also been a major contributor of inspiration. Not so much as a sound, but rather as a mindset. We tour most of the year as acoustic musicians, which can become a grind. Tenacious D is always there in spirit to boost our confidence and band morale.”

“Duos who could be on a playlist of our favorite duos would be Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, and Ladytron.”

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Listen to Quote the Dark

You can catch 3 select tracks from Quote the Dark as well as several other indie electronic Artists on Massive Radio for Episode 3 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents.