Robodop Snei

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Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023

Robodop Snei


Artist Bio

Daniel Eschbach aka Robodop Snei is always in search of sonic pearls and on the never-ending quest to uncover a powerful piece of music that can connect us all. Mixing genres like Synth-Pop, Downbeat/Chill, Techno, and Progressive House with psychedelic elements, Robodop Snei is aiming to create music from the heart for mind, body and soul. Having a strong tendency towards psychedelic music ranging from chill tunes to dance music, the repertoire is very eclectic.

He has released several full length albums on Slice Records, Tempest Recordings and other labels as well as a lot of Remixes for fellow Artists like The Safety Word, James Peden, The Headmaster, and many others. Robodop Snei has been part of Melbourne’s Festival and Club Scene for over 15 years and played countless gigs over the years, amongst it some legendary Australian Festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Eclipse 2012, Earthcore, and Esoteric.

From the Artist

“I have been producing electronic music for over 25 years with a keen interest in psychedelic music as well as having an early love for synthesizers. Growing up in Germany during the 80s the synth pop era has made a lasting impression on me and my music. In some way those elements describe the Robodop Snei sound quite well – psychedelic synth pop, melodic up and downbeat as well as space disco/chill out… I have another project called Phase 7 which is focusing on dance floor tunes – predominantly faster Progressive Trance influenced tracks around 135 BPM, but also Progressive House/Techno in the 126 BPM region. While I also make dance music with Robodop Snei, those tend to have more melodic components, vocals, an electro feel – with Vocoders and the like. What sets Robodop Snei apart from my Phase 7 project is that Robodop Snei is free to do anything and everything. Phase 7 is purely for the dance floor. I encourage you to check both out as these projects have blurry lines at times and you certainly can find a lot of similarities.”

“There have been dozens of releases over the years (for both projects) on various Labels – mostly on Slice Records but also others – incl. Tempest Records, Conzoom Records, Kaleidoscopic Earth and many more.”

Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023
Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023

Naomi Sample and the Go Go Ghosts – Get Up Work Sleep Reset (Robodop Snei Remix)


“My favorite Artists are The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel, Can, Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Brian Eno, Laid Back, D-Nox & Beckers.”

“As far as genres, I enjoy Psychedelic Music/80s Synth Pop/Techno/Progressive Trance and House/Ambient.”

“There have been dozens of releases over the years (for both projects) on various Labels-mostly on Slice Records but also others-incl. Tempest Records, Conzoom Records, Kaleidoscopic Earth, and many more.”

Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023

Favorite Instruments/Studio Set-Up

“Right now some of my favorite Hardware Synths are the Roland JD-XA, Access Virus b, Korg MS 2000, Quasimidi Sirius. Some of my current favorite Software Synths include Diva, Serum, and Omnisphere.”

“Great Plugins that I enjoy are Soothe2, Chipspeech, Transit, and TheRiser.”

“My studio setup also includes a Mac Book Pro, Ableton Live, MOTU UltraLite mk5, guitars and mics”

Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023

Future Goals

“To play at festivals around the world, hopefully starting with Germany in the coming year. I will continue to collaborate with other artists and possibly perform together. A vinyl release is also a goal of mine which I would like to make a reality in the future.”

Upcoming Singles/Projects/Videos

“The most recent release is the Remix I made for Naomi Sample and the Go Go Ghosts, for their track ‘Get Up Work Sleep Reset’, which is a Bandcamp Release-only at this stage. However, a wonderful video was made in which a bunch of our friends filmed themselves refusing to get up for work and we made a collage from it all.”

“The most recent album/E.P. is ‘Sideways Jonnie’ which features four psychedelic downbeat tracks, released on Slice Records.”

“In the pipeline are a few tracks which will be released towards the end of 2023.”

Robodop Snei / Copyright © 2023

Can you pick one of your tracks and tell us the story behind it? What inspired you to create it, and what emotions were you trying to convey?

“I have been in the middle of writing the track named ‘Sommerling’ – a melodic guitar/electro tune. I was looking to add another synth layer and was recording when my then 4 year old daughter Luna came in and took over the keyboard. Amongst the chaos I suddenly heard those five notes she placed perfectly. I cut out that section, looped it and used it as the main melody that drops around the 5.50 minute mark for the first time. For me, the song feels like long gone summers and has a very retro 80s vibe, it brings you right back to those synth pop days. Something I try to emulate on many occasions when I make music. Here it really worked.”

If you could perform with any music artist of all time who would that be and where would you like to play?

“I think I’d like to collaborate with David Bowie and perform on the moon for the first concert ever aired live from there. That would be something!”

Do you have any hobbies outside of music that help to inspire your work?

“Learning and performing Magic Tricks is a hobby of mine, and over the last Years I have learned many amazing tricks that tickle my brain even though I perform them. Only my Friends and Family get to see my magic shows. This is something I wanted to do as a Kid (didn’t we all?) and via the internet and initial party tricks have found a great hobby that helps to balance out writers block when making music. I do some magic instead and come back to it later. Recently I have been mixing the two on my Instagram account with some hilarious results.”

A Message from the Artist

“If you like you can support me in the following ways: Play and share my music with your Friends, share my new music release posts, and leave comments on pages like Instagram, Bandcamp, and YouTube. You can also support my releases and purchase new tunes via Band camp etc. and add my music to your Spotify playlists.”

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