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Satori Rewire

Artist Bio

Satori Rewire is a Hip Hop Artist and Producer from England, UK. Growing up in Bedfordshire, from a young age Satori was heavily influenced by Hip Hop and rap in general, whilst also having a great appreciation for various other genres. Implementing elements from a wide variety of musical influences to create his own unique style.

Satori (悟り)

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, “comprehension; understanding”. It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to a deep experience of kenshō, “seeing into one’s true nature”. Ken means “seeing,” shō means “nature” or “essence”.

Rewire is to provide or connect (something) with wire again. especially: to replace the electrical wiring of something, such as the mind, a building or electronic device…we rewired the house. rewire a circuit board.

Sample-based Hip Hop is Satori’s favorite style of production. He turned his claustrophobic dusty garden shed into a spacious studio over a few years of decorating which is where he makes most of his creations.

When he purchased his first AKAI keyboard, he knew he was onto something special. Making beats from the age of 17, in the space of 9 years he produced almost 2000 beats so far, with about 1000 beats on Beatstars, Satori has started to build a worldwide following, just from the beats alone. Along the way Satori has worked with many Artists from around the world.

The thing is, Satori was an Artist for several years before ever making a beat. From the age of 11, Satori started writing songs during his school lessons, rather than paying attention, he was scribbling bars. He remembers showing his lyrics to a girl in class and she said “that’s quite good actually”. From there Satori went on to continue perfecting his craft up until the present day. He has a suitcase filled with lyric books that he had gathered over the years.

He first went to a studio when he was 15 and recorded his first songs with an engineer who taught him a lot. At this studio, Satori printed 50 CDs for his first ever recorded project which had 5 tracks. He sold them at school to his friends and anyone who wanted to buy one. He still has a few copies left from about 11 years ago.

Around that time Satori used to go to a youth club where they had free studio time, with DJ decks and speakers. They had open mic cyphers and Satori loved to get involved freestyling over liquid drum and bass or whatever beat it was.

From 2018, Satori started taking the music more seriously again and uploading music to the world with his first full album called “Vivid Visions”. It was a 20 track project, every beat produced by Satori. This was the start of the next level for Satori. From there Satori went on to drop over 20 projects and has since worked with countless Artists and Producers from across the world with hundreds of songs on streaming platforms.

Satori Rewire / Copyright © 2024


“Growing up one of my biggest inspirations was a producer named Constrobuz. I used to listen to Constrobuz’s beats on repeat, writing for many hours from about the age of 13. Fast forward to now…it’s 13 years later and I have been working on a full album with Constrobuz called Pareidolia. This album has 25 tracks, all produced by Constrobuz.”

Pareidolia will be dropping on 4/20 this year.”

Future Projects

“I’m also working on another album called Needle in a haystack, which is mainly produced by me, whilst also working on various other projects with various artists and producers…those projects should all be dropping this year.”

“Rain & Dust” – Satori Rewire & Constrobuz

Is collaboration an important aspect of your work or do you prefer to work alone? Please tell us about any memorable collaborations if so.

“Collaboration has been an important part of my journey. In the beginning, I collaborated with my close friends Magik Motley and Sirius A who both live locally. Then over time I’ve reached new listeners and new Artists/Producers to work with. For example in 2021, Ed Lugosi from Chile discovered my beats and has since recorded 4 songs to my beats. Ed sent me the acapellas, then I created 4 new beats for those acapellas. That was followed by a full remix project with Ed where I produced 10 new beats for 10 acapellas that Ed had sent to me.”

“This was the start of another friendship, as we went on to make over 100 more songs together despite the different languages. We used translators to communicate. Now Satori has a fan base out in Chile after earning their respect for the work I’ve done with Ed.”

“Since that time, I’ve worked with many artists from Chile, and countless other countries. I have 10 albums with Bankhead Polo (Atlanta). Polo is another Artist that discovered me via my beat channel. That was another friendship that was built through the music. I’ve collaborated with many other friends as Satori since then.”

“I’m trying to find that balance between solo projects and collaborative projects. Multitasking on several different projects at the same time is normal for me.”

Please take us behind the scenes when producing a track from start to finish. Do you start with words or beats first, and how does the track evolve?

“I produce my own tracks. I always start with a snare, followed by a kick, hat, 808, then sample. Then, once the beat is finished I write for it and record, then I do all of the engineering myself.”

How do you approach lyricism in your work? What themes or stories do you like to explore?

“I approach lyricism honestly and introspectively, speaking my mind, whatever that may be. I draw inspiration from everyday life and from my experiences over the years. It’s usually a theme of how I’ve turned my life around into something positive through using music and psychedelics.”

“Never Thought” – Satori Rewire & Constrobuz

What do you hope you’re audience takes away from your shows?

“I dream of performing live one day, although it hasn’t happened yet. I have taken part in about a thousand freestyle cyphers in a hotboxed shed with my friends. Taking my music to a stage is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m thinking about performing at open mic events etc, although mainly I am focused on creating new beats/music, and honing my craft further.”

“The Power of Gratitude (Lyric Video)” – Satori Rewire & Ruviru

Do you use your music as a platform for social or political commentary? If so, what messages are important for you to convey?

“The message I want to convey is that I hope to inspire people through the music, and to give them new perspectives about life that might help them. I want to show people that it’s possible to turn your life round if things aren’t looking good, to encourage people to be themselves and to believe in themselves. Don’t be afraid to be different, and to have the resilience to never give up chasing your goals.”

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